040 Musicians introduce their own songs 3

To get the year off to a beautiful and eventful start we have the third of our popular episodes where musicians take the reins and introduce their own output. As always the music comes in lots of different and exciting flavours from all over the globe. Yum!

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(00:22) Hey Hey My My – Too much space

Hey Hey My My on myspace

(04:13) Linfinity – Chu chu train to Venice

Linfinity’s website
Linfinity on myspace

(07:05) Infants – Firetruk

Infants on myspace

(10:51) Pinto – Iron & Rust

Pinto’s website
Pinto on myspace

(13:17) Judith & Holofernes – Maybe liquor, maybe blood

Judith & Holofernes website
Judith and Holofernes on myspace

(15:53) The Cedars – The colour

The Cedars website
The Cedars on myspace

(18:23) Axydlbaaxr – Land of Opportunity

Axydlbaar’s website
Axydlbaar’s stumbleupon page

(22:10) Cats or Cars – The subtle knife

Cats or Cars website
Cats or cars on myspace

(26:37) Ray’s Drive Inn – Will o’

Ray’s Drive Inn on myspace

(31:06) Papa Satch – I’ll Call

Papa Satch’s website

(35:53) Steven Kattenbraker – Summer pond

Steven Kattenbraker’s website
Steven Kattenbraker on myspace

(40:03) Homecoming – Cavity

Homecoming’s website
Homecoming on myspace

(45:00) Nape

Nape on myspace

The Contrast Podcast on myspace

If you are a musician, or you know a musician or band, who would like to introduce your song on the next of these episodes just follow the instructions on the will you play my music page.

Submissions are now open for next week’s episode which will have the theme of Planets and other celestial bodies, suggested by Tom from Other People’s Toys. If you would like to take part just follow the instructions on the can I be on the CP page.

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Well it seems everyone still might be on vacation.

I always do enjoy the Musicians introduce their own songs CP’s there is so much previously unheard music being heard and it is awesome.

Thanks to all who participated, there is some great stuff in here.

And thanks Tim!!!

Thanks for the nice comment Rachel. I’m a bit surprised that there hasn’t been a few more comments here. I really think there is some outstanding stuff in this podcast and I’d love to know what you guys think of it. It might be unfair for me to say which are my favourites!

I’ve been back in England for a couple of days, but I’m not back at work until Monday, when I’ll be able to listen to the submissions for the next cast and get back to my normal internetcentric self.

I swear i posted on this the other week during my xmas haze, maybe i was drunk again. Some wonderful stuff, lovin it !!

I finally got a listen…every time I tried to sit down, I got interrupted by my son, who’s home from college. And one time, the player up there gave me a file error. ANyway, I’m fond of Pinto’s song and I’m off to download some of their music! AND The Cedars? OH I LOVE that!!! SOme great stuff on this one, Tim. Thanks!

I’m glad you like the Cedars Nat. I played a gig on the same evening as them recently and it was fab!

Hey Tim,
I’ve been busy with the holidays and switching jobs. I’m downloading this CP at the moment and am really looking forward to hearing it (now that I finally have time to listen. yay!). The Musicians Introduce Their Own songs series is one of my faves and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed at all. They’re always great.

Hey there, great stuff on this podcast. I tried to get to it last week, but couldn’t get it to work. Oh well, works now! Thanks to all the musicians for the great music.

It’s a good one isn’t it? I always enjoy the musicians episodes and I’ve already started getting the next one together. Send your musicial friends over to play 🙂


Thank you for letting us participate. This is a really great mix. (Linfinity’s intro is great!)

Be well,

Judith and Holofernes

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