042 Where?

Ask yourself a fourth question.

I’m asking myself what the obvious follow up to Who, What and When would be? Surely it must be time to ask ourselves which are our favourite songs with a where lurking somewhere wherein!

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(00:00) Betty Boo – Where are you baby?

Tim from the face of today

(03:42) The Pixies – Where is my mind?

Natalie from Mini-Obs

(07:51) The Smiths – Nowhere fast

Jamie from The run out groove

(10:41) Digable planets – Where I’m from

Matt from Earfarm

(14:51) Bratmobile – Where eagles dare

Bob from Gimme Tinnitus

(16:57) Camper Van Beethoven – Where the hell is Bill?

FiL from Pogoagogo

(19:34) Santa Cruz – Where were you?

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(22:05) Nine Inch Nails (remixed by Danny Lohner feat. Telefon Tel Aviv) – Where is everybody?

Cindy from Adzuki bean stash

(26:57) Ted Leo – Where have all the rude boys gone?

Ross from Just Gimme Indie Rock

(31:52) Soft Cell – Where was your heart (when you needed it most) ?

Crash from Pretending life is like a song

(36:42) The Paper Chase – We know where you sleep

Alex from Totally true tales from Texas

(41:17) Iron Maiden – 22 Acacia Avenue

Waffles from Waffles radio

(48:01) Caplyn – Where did it all go wrong?

GD from Bitesize Bonus

(52:33) Mr Hopkinson’s Computer – Where is my Mind?

Simon from You can call me Betty

(56:39) Richard & Linda Thompson – Down where the drunkards roll

Tristesse from And before the first kiss

Thanks to those of you who contributed for contributing and those of you who listened for listening! Where would we be without you?

Next week’s theme, suggested by Andy from Circles of Concrete, is Stick to Acting and will hopefully be full of actors and celebrities doing their best to be musicians. To contribute a song follow the simple instructions on our can I be on the podcast page.

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‘You are here’ photo from here.

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big ups to Iron Maiden

And with that, the world was good again.

The rest of the show is good too.

I’m listening right now. That Betty Boo track is definitely worthy of lots rump shaking, Tim. 🙂

Several bands on here that I really like and many that I’ve never heard of. I’m sure this’ll be fantastic.

Okay, I just heard Nat’s intro and sprayed my tea. I have FiL’s Monty python-esque intro from the Christmas show still fresh in my mind…ah yes, this is already a fantastic podcast.

Awww, YEAH!!! Betty Boo! I’m doin’ the DO and there’s NOTHING I can do!!!

On top of that, I’ll admit to finding Ms Boo (nee Alison Clarkson) rather attractive. Betty, I really miss you, and all I wanna do is kiss you. I’ve used up all my tissues…

Er, for the record, I used them to dry my copious tears. Just in case there are those out there who might miscontrue my profession of pure romantic love for Ms Boo.

*Blushes, scuttles away to dark corner*

FiL. We know you. We know what you meant


I miss Miss Boo too. If that helps.

Such a good one this week, great selection of tracks, nice and varied.

Beety Boo done the doo for me !!

Oh, i just remembered.
I once got given betty boo boxershorts for xmas !!!

Nat, your intro to for the Pixies made me actually laugh out loud while at work and got me some weird looks from coworkers. Awesome. Also, great song choice.

I thought it was my turn to do the Monty Python intro!

I love the Betty Boo song, too, and I’m not usually one to like that hip-hoppy stuff. Also lovin’ the Camper Van Beethoven track, but I always do. And it’s always a better day when I hear Richard Thompson. Always.

Do you think we should have a podcast at some point in the future where we all introduce our songs in a Monty Python voice. Could be priceless?

I’m all for that! What would the songs be? Silly? I’d pick The Lumberjack Song!

Maybe just silly songs. There’s a good theme for Tim to do.

And I’m sorry for the bad quality of the Maiden. Audacity is great for everything except reminding me that I was playing around at 48 kbs before making my stuff.

I once missed a weekend away with Betty Boo through being out of the office buying a sandwich. True story.

Ok .. you can’t say that without explaining further .. otherwise FiL, Ross and I might explode.

Nats, methinks you must have traded your mind for that Pythonesque voice!! 🙂

I’m about halfway through this ‘cast and have enjoyed every single second of it! Bob, there’s a big dent in the roof of my car coz I was pogoing like a kangaroo rat to Bratmobile while driving my Pigmobile…

And I’m still doing the do. Just so y’all know.

I was working for a law firm who represented somebody who had an interest in her contract and they needed somebody to go on a PR weekend. The other junior assistant hadn’t gone out for a sandwich and therefore got to go. Then again, it was a very nice sandwich.

Ha, thats wicked !!
I’d be well up for Monty Python intro’s.

Useless betty boo fact no.2

I know a priest/friend of the family who claims to know betty boo’s mum.
When she was all famous, she agreed to open the church fate !!

I’m at work at the moment and mentioned betty boo and the guy who sits next to me reckons his mate went out with her.
I don’t believe him, he is a compulsive liar !!!

Betty Boo in action with Alex James from Blur

WOW !!

Yay to monty python intros. I wannabe a gumbie!

Count me in too. Considering what all people would come up with, yes, it would be priceless. Heck, the instruemtal’s podcast is one of my faves due to all the sung intros…

This podcast was fantastic. Mr Hopkinson’s Computer has me intrigued.

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