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This week’s podcast is our fourth episode entirely made up of musicians introducing their own tunes. As you might expect from the Contrast Podcast you will find a variety of styles and there’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy … so come and get some!

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(01:04) racingpaperplanes – In company of ghosts

racingpaperplanes website
racingpaperplanes on myspace

(05:29) The Amateurs – Things you only know if you don’t drive

The Amateurs website
The Amateurs on myspace

(09:57) Eric Metronome – Moving Water

Eric Metronome’s website
Eric Metronome on myspace

(12:44) Rain – A brief answer

Rain’s website
Rain on myspace

(16:25) Naomi Hall – Bride of the monster

Naomi Hall’s website
Naomi Hall on myspace

(20:25) Die Romantik – Narcissist’s Waltz

Die Romantik’s website
Die Romantik on myspace

(24:29) V!TAL – More than grime

V!TAL on myspace

(29:07) Anibal Miranda – Mini Saia

Anibal Miranda’s website
Anibal Miranda on myspace

(32:05) The National Pool – A01

The National Pool on myspace

(36:17) Our Little Secret – Easy

Our little secret’s website

(41:30) JBro & Cindy Adzuki – Hippo dances in the rain

Cindy Adzuki’s website
JBro Adzuki on myspace

(44:50) The Shakes – Liberty Jones

The Shakes website
The Shakes on myspace

(49:31) Dean Whitbread – Old

Dean Whitbread’s blog

(55:36) The Me Band – Loaf of bread man

The Me Band’s website
The Me Band on myspace

The Contrast Podcast on myspace

If you are a musician, or you know a musician or band, who would like to introduce your song on the next of these episodes just follow the instructions on the will you play my music page.

Submissions are now open for next week’s regular episode which will have the theme Alternate Versions, suggested by Bob from Gimme Tinnitus. If you aren’t sure what to do to take part you will find the instructions you need on the can I be on the CP page.

Please leave a comment about the podcast by clicking here.

Piano picture from this photographer.

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Alternate versions..meaning..covers??? Or alternate takes of a song by the same band?

Can’t wait to listen to the musicians here! I always find at least one new band/artist to love with this series!

These are always amongst my favorite episdoes…brilliant intro, Tim. Brenda eh? That Naomi Hall track is just plain adorable.

Thanks for putting my brother and I up on here (Technically he’s just JBro, but it’s not really that big of a deal since I’m the only one who calls him that)

Wooo hoo the Shakes! I love that group…

Glad you liked the intro .. my back still hurts but I’m sure whatever Brenda did will work out in the long run as being good for me. She did used to work for the Queen Mum after all and she lived to 101.

Just to clarify. I think Alternate takes means other versions by the original band .. not covers.

i listened to the whole thing and i can’t say there’s a bad track on it–great bunch of songs. i really do enjoy hearing the musicians talk about themselves and their music, and i love to hear their speaking voices and then their singing voices. very interesting to compare and contrast. : )

for alternate versions do u want a song and also a different version? do u play both back to back? or do u want alternate versions of songs that have already been played on here?

cheers, mark , the me band

Good stuff, all you musos! Cindy, I liked your ode to cat. Pik, how lovely to hear you finally! I also greatly enjoyed The Shakes (tres Blur, non?) and Anibal Miranda’s skirty song.

So when’s the next musician cast?? 😉

I know I’m late, to check this one out, but I just want to say. I love it! This is infinitely better than mainstream radio. Hippo, keep on dancing!

That Loaf of bread man song is great. I hope he’s ok now and not too mental.

Just wanted to ask a question about your site: who makes/where do you get the little embedded player that you have on your site? I occasionally see them on blogs but they’re generally not used much, I don’t know why not, I think they look pretty cool. Ok, err, that’s all, good site! Thanks!

Thanks. The audio player is a wordpress plugin and as such only works on wordpress blogs … which might be why you haven’t seen it too much. More’s the pity!

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