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Over the last year and a bit this podcast has introduced me to a huge amount of music that wouldn’t have entered my otherwise uneducated earholes. So when I met FiL from Pogoagogo we thought it might be fun to celebrate this with a special episode!

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(00:00) Linfinity – Chu chu train to Venice

Tim from The face of today

(03:50) Teddybears – Punkrocker (feat. Iggy Pop)

Marcy from Lost in your inbox

(08:34) The Twilight Singers – Underneath the waves

Natalie from Mini-Obs

(13:30) Ndidi Onukwulu – Seen you before

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(16:42) Boat – The bar is too low to fail

Colin from and before the first kiss

(20:40) The Amateurs – Cool by me

Crash from Pretending life is like a song

(24:54) Pony Up – The truth about cats and dogs (is that they die)

Elizabeth from The roaring machine

(29:15) Tim Young – Gotta Go (originally by Victor Scott)

FiL from Pogoagogo

(34:13) Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Spasticus Autisticus

Ross from Just gimme indie rock

(41:12) The Thermals – A pillar of salt

Bethanne from hello, autumn

(44:49) David Bowie – Because you’re young

Lyle from Mentok the mind-taker

(50:56) William Shatner – Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Cindy from Adzuki bean stash

(55:05) Talking Heads – Drugs

Mark from Cinema du Lyon

(01:00:17) Fountains of Wayne – Valley winter song

Tom from Other people’s toys

Thanks to all of you who chose tracks to introduce this week. Next week’s theme is 2007 (so far) and if you would like to take part just follow the instructions on the can I be on the podcast page.

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Handshake photo taken by this fella.

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Wow – Spasticus Autisticus is ruddy brilliant, as is that Pony Up song, as is the victor scott one. I’m looking forward to this even more than usual!

Tim, was that ZB on your cell phone in-box pining after your bod????

I’m listening to this right now. Teddybears rock! So many other great bands I started to listen to or fell in love with all over again due to CP: Camille, 21 Love Hotel, Victor Scott, John 5, Cocteau Twins, etc.

that was a great podcast! seems like our man fil is quite the influential music blogger, as he was blamed credited with several peoples picks. 😉

so good to hear from bethanne–i was just asking tim about you. wish i could say it was good to hear that william shatner–omg, i wonder what the studio musicians were thinking when they recorded THAT one! funny, funny shit.

i must admit, whenever i hear ian dury, i immediately think hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me. showing my age, i know!

Eeek MJRCs comment borked the page. (I have fixed this now – Tim)

Anyway, there was some good stuff in there. When I head Fil in the intro, I was hoping he would pick one of Tims recordings. I scrolled down and found out I was a winner!

The Shatner song here was pretty terrible, but his album Has Been from 2005ish was really good. I consider it one of the best new albums when it came out.

aaaahhhh!!!! i’m so sorry! i tried to get fancy and use the strike feature and guess what? i screwed it up!! tim, where are you? help?? are you stuck in that car???

For a second the paranoid side of me wondered if NIN’s alternate reality game dibblets were really true and the government was starting censor all art related posts….hmmm, I’m guessing there’s a missing strike tag somewhere?

Yes, that diabilical FiL. After the photo with the two of them though, we can’t say they’re the same people any longer though. Unless, FiL is one of Tim’s heads!

LOL. YOu sure did make it look interesting around here, Marcy!

Yeah, that 2005 Shatner is vintage coolness, especially his cover of “Common People.” I’m diggin’ FiL’s pick of Tim’s tune. Totally cool.

Oh Marcy, I think you left the door a wee bit ajar and let in a gremlin who furiously tries to scrawl out everyone’s comment as they write it. Maybe it’s one of Tim’s carp seeking revenge…

I’m thoroughly looking forward to hearing this podcast! It really does look splendid. Kinda like a “K-Tel Presents The Best Of Contrast Podcast.” Do I smell a 60 minute infomercial in the making??

I’ve just fixed the strikethrough problem. Sorry that it doesn’t look as interesting now!

Thanks to all of you for your nice comments .. and yes FiL I think I was imagining us ‘bigging up’ the podcast with this theme. I think we should be proud of the community that we have here (I know that lots of you are) and that we promote such excellent music together! Perhaps this could be the best place to send new listeners to get them started?

Sorry – I can’t resist the urge to share this CP trivia.

I, too, was introducted to Victor Scott through the CP, which led me finding the extremely funny video for ‘Gotta Go’ featuring dearest Tim (and yes, I’ve seen the full version, and yes, I’ve ripped off your dance moves, Tim). Also, lovely cover.

Much later, through something that can only be described as serendipity, I find myself on a tiny rock in the middle of nowhere with none other than the person who released Victor’s record, who actually helps me record my first CP submission but buggers everything by proposing (which ends up recorded for posterity on the podcast).

Anyway, although I’m a very erstwhile contributor, somehow my life is completely wrapped up in you people, so thanks loads for giving me something wonderful to listen to every week.

… and thanks for being part of it Elizabeth. Hopefully when you get settled you and Simon will be able to serve up the odd joint introduction again? Who knows what surprises he will spring on you when that microphone is on!?

… and Cindy I forgot to mention that it isn’t ZB in the introduction. It’s my friend Remi from Lyon .. possibly the most effortlessly funny person I know.

That William Shatner track is great,so funny, if i didn’t submit Ian Dury, it would of been The Spare Blushes !!!

The Contrast Podcast has been very good to me and I’m very happy to have gotten to know some of the nice folk here.

Interesting marriage related Gotta Go trivia for ya:

Simon, releaser of the record for Gotta go: engaged to be married
Michelle, director of the video for Gotta Go: engaged to be married.
Tim, coverer of Gotta Go: engaged to be married.

And of course I got hitched last year 🙂

So if you want to get married drop me a line. Ocean divides are not a problem.

goodness…love *is* in the air. I’m going to have to tell people to use “Gotta Go” on the dance floor for weddings now. 🙂

This is indeed a wonderful iteration of the Contrast Podcast! One of my favourites to date, possibly THE favourite…

Dearest ZB, you cannot comprehend how much I am honoured to have facilitated a love-match between Ndidi and yourself!!

Dearest Cindy, I would apologize, but the end result was an increase in your craptacular music collection. And that’s a most excellent thing.

Dearest Lyle, I’m glad to say the zombieism has worn off. It’s official: Contrast Podcast brings you back from the dead.

Dearest Tim, I’d forgotten how good that Linfinity track is. You are truly a three-headed music god…

Dear Bethanne, how lovely to hear you again!

Dearest Liz, SOOOOOOO glad you were tempted you back! Now please stay.

Dear Ross, damn you!! You had me shouting “I’M SPASTICUS!!” at volume while at a stop light. Which frightened a few pedestrians.

Mon cher Mark, everything in moderation, my friend, everything in moderation. But truthe be told, I’m addicted to CP as well…

Once again, excellent choices all round!

“Love is in the air, everywhere I look around…” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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