062 Seas, oceans and all things marine

Want to get wet?

This week we are heading away from the land thanks to FiL from Pogoagogo who has requested that we pick our favourite marine biased tunage. So pop on your speedos, jump into your rubber dingy and enjoy just over an hour of the very saltiest listening!

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An epic introduction followed by …

(03:57) Lalo Schifrin – Jaws

Tim from The face of today

(09:18) XTC – Sgt. Rock

Mark from Cinema du Lyon

(14:11) The Magnetic Fields – Deep sea diving suit

Elizabeth from The Roaring Machine

(16:34) Michael Nyman – Prawn watching

Crash from Pretending life is like a song

(19:40) Captain Tractor – The last Saskatchewan pirate

Lyle from Mentok the Mind-taker

(24:45) The Great Depression – Sargasso sea

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(29:27) Silver Apples – Seagreen serenade

Pieter from Two Tramps in Mud Time

(33:35) The Waterboys – Fisherman’s blues

Natalie from Mini-Obs

(38:30) Jazz Crabs – You say party! We say die!

FiL from Pogoagogo

(41:15) Harold Budd, Simon Raymonde, Robin Guthrie & Elizabeth Fraser – Sea, swallow me

Conrad from 4AD 4EVR

(44:37) Frank Zappa – The ocean is the ultimate solution

Chris from Phosphorous.net

(53:30) The Decemberists – A cautionary tale

Sid from Too Much Rock

(57:02) Whale – Hobo humpin’ slobo babe

Marcy from Lost in your inbox

(01:01:09) Dead Can Dance – Ocean

Nuno from Undercover songs

(01:04:30) Blurt – The fish needs a bike

Ross from Just gimme indie rock

(01:07:26) Gregory Alan Isakov – The salt and the sea

Heather from I am fuel, you are friends

Thanks to all of you who took part, especially those who helped out with the bits we needed for the big introduction. Next week we will be finishing off the song chain that we started here and carried on here. If you want to take part in the podcast you’ll need to wait for the theme after that, which will be announced next week!

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Lovely sunset pirate ship photo borrowed from here.

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Shiver me timbers! What a school of fine, fine musical fish!! Blurt! DCD!! Whale!!! XTC!!!! Waterboys!!!!! I can’t wait to plunge into this musical sea and dive deep,deep, deep…

OMG! This intro is so much fun: the modern voice of pirate radio… LOL
Um, the leg polishing sound is pretty scary sounding…Goodness, did it take a long time to coordinate the script? How did you all do it?

Ha! Sid picked what I would have picked. I love “A Cautionary Tale”

(BTW, the direct link doesn’t work on my browser for some reason).

Poor Rod swims with the fishes. HOpe he had on his spandex! Great intro. Like Cindy, “the modern voice of pirate radio” tickled my fancy! Hats off to Tim, FiL, and Mentok for a fine mini-play, and the rest of the crew was fine, too!

Thanks Cindy and Nat. We did have A LOT of fun doing that intro. Make sure you listen to the outro that goes with it 😉

P.S. I had mistyped the link for the direct download. It’s fixed now and should work fine. T.

Intro skit is hilarious! Arrrr! Great choices, as always, you guys.

And Nat, thanks for bringing back Emily Littela. Loved it! Loved the Waterboys too.


Awsome intro!


Thanks, Linda, and I’m glad somebody recognized Emily Litella!




Super show everyone !!


Talk like a pirate day is on Sep 19th, maybe we should do another one around that time.



Mark, despite my bravado, you get the nod for submitting the most infectious song. I’ve had that damn Sgt. Rock song buzzing in my brain all week! ;-p

Tim, Fil thanks for the opportunity to contribute to the intro. It was a hoot!

ahoy mateys, it took me four long days to do it, but i finally got to listen to the whole thing! and what a treasure it was. : )

not to get too emo on you all, but you sure are a swell bunch of scallywags and i’m proud to be a member of the c.p. crew.

p.s. my husband just suggested we go play “topless mermaid.” i’d best be off then!

Mentok – who said you could comment??? …. get back to polishing my pegleg you derty scoundrel!!! 😉

Arrr, Cap’n Tim, methinks that Mentok’s gettin’ a bit too big for his pantaloons…

It was indeed a fantastic intro and outtro ! And what made it was Tim’s flawless editing/production and the hearty participation of you briny lot!!

And every song was a winner!!!

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