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This week we have the sixth episode where musicians introduce their own songs. If you would like to listen to some of the previous episodes in this series you’ll find them eagerly waiting here.

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(00:30) Deni Bonet – How far can I push you, how much can you take?

Deni Bonet’s website
Deni Bonet on myspace

(04:54) Great Northern – Home

Great Northern’s website
Great Northern on myspace

(09:07) Normandy – Sweatshop

Normandy on myspace

(12:24) Hell is for Heroes – To die for

Hell is for Heroes website
Hell is for Heroes on myspace

(17:45) Vanilla Swingers – The town

Vanilla Swingers website
Vanilla Swingers on myspace

(20:54) MJ Hibbett – Leave my brother alone

MJ Hibbett’s website
MJ Hibbett on myspace

(25:50) emcee Will EP – Can of corn

emcee Will EP’s website
emcee Will EP on myspace

(29:21) Alex Highton – We are just little rocks

Alex Highton on myspace

(33:31) Thousand Robins – The sunset creates a glare

Thousand Robins website
Thousand Robins on myspace

(35:54) Fading Commission – Be a woman

Fading Commission’s website
Fading Commission on myspace

(39:37) Deek Deekster – You can have it

Deek Deekster’s website
Unio & Petito’s myspace

(44:23) French Actress – Electric fence

French Actress on myspace

(47:33) The Phantom Carriage – A brackish spirit

The Phantom Carriage’s website
Phantom Carriage on myspace

The Contrast Podcast on myspace

Thanks to all the musicians and bands who took part this week.

If you are a musician, or you know a musician or band, who would like to introduce your song on the next of these episodes just follow the instructions on the will you play my music page.

Next week’s theme, chosen by Marcy from Lost in your inbox, is simply Elvis! I think we are looking for songs with Elvis in their title or related to Elvis in some way rather than songs by the beast himself. If you want to take part and aren’t sure what to do then just read the instructions that live here. See you next week!

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Wow, Hell is for Heroes in the Contrast Podcast? In “Musicians introduce their own songs”? WOW!

YEAH for Deni Bonet! She’s fabulous and funny and down to earth. Great to hear her here!

vanilla swingers! oh, that makes me so happy. yay! : )

Deni Bonet – How very sweet of you to write a song for yr man, good track, very honest lyrics, you have a nice voice.

Great Northern – You have a nice hazy sound, nice shared vocals, good chorus, you sound abit like a more chilled silversun pickups.

Normandy – I really like your track, I like short songs. Also i work for a charity in the uk that deals with people with eating disorders and you’ll be pleased to know that there are support groups for people addicted to junk food. So if you are ever in the uk, be sure to mail me & I’ll point you in the right direction, hee hee !!!

Hell is for Heroes – This band are awesome !!! Their new album kicks arse, check em out !!!!

Vanilla Swingers – Hey Marcy, you gotta shout out, cooool !!! Lovely track, rather melancholy, but sexy…indie duets….it’s the way forward…sweet voices..i like…nice piano…keyboard

MJ Hibbett – You sound like you’re in a bird house (Intro), I wish I lived in a bird house. Anyway, your lyrics are very good, I hope your brother is ok, he sounds like he’s had a rough time, ahhhh brotherly love, cool. Nice violins etc…

Emcee Will – I like your quirky style, your vocs are cool, nice funky beats etc… reminds me of something off Princes black album

Alex Highton – Another song for a loved one, ahhh, this is sweet. You have an awesome voice, really great. You set your controls for the heart of the sun, I like that lyric…I can hear the Bert Jansch influence, this track sounds like something off the beatles white album. I like the ooohhss / arhs

Thousand Robins – Nice lo fi, dirty bass, cool guitar sound (similar to sonic youth), I like your slacker voice, it appeals to my sensibilities, hee hee

Fading Commission – Pedro you sound like a quirky fellow !! Rockin shit !!! Nice dirty rocknroll voice, good riff, no messing about with your stuff. Fairly in your face, RAWK !!!! Devil horns a go go !!!

Deek Deekster – Nice to hear a track by a regular..i liked your story about flyers and big head…you sound like the guy from Cud !! I wish I could go back in time to about 1987 / 90 and dance like a maniac to this song at the indie disco…good one Deek !!!

French Actress – Bootylishas !!! A plague of booty….made me laugh. Did you freestyle that whole track? Good work.

The Phantom Carriage – Skull exposed to March Rain is a great name for an album. Have you heard of Current 93, I think you’d like that. Your stuff is nice n dark….yes..abit scary….last days of the Roman Empire music…..we’re all doomed !!!

miles, you’ve made my day, maybe even my week. : )

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