066 Elvis

So what is the plural of Elvis?

This week’s podcast theme was picked by Marcy from Lost in your inbox who wanted us to choose songs that are in some way related to The King himself. Peanut butter and banana sandwich anyone?

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(00:00) Belle and Sebastian – A century of Elvis

Tim from The face of today

(04:50) Gillian Welch – Elvis Presley blues

Marcy from Lost in your inbox

(10:21) Rickie Lee Jones – Elvis cadillac

Linda from Speed of Dark

(15:39) Stiff Little Fingers – Who died and made you Elvis?

Crash from Pretending life is like a song

(19:50) Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper – Elvis is everywhere

FiL from Pogoagogo

(25:46) Jimmy LaFave – Elvis loved his momma

Natalie from Mini-Obs

(28:38) Wesley Willis – Elvis Presley

Ross from Just gimme indie rock

(31:50) Public Enemy – Fight the power

Ally from dustysevens

(36:24) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Tupelo

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(41:24) The Pogues – Fiesta

Lyle from Mentok the Mindtaker

(47:07) R.E.M. – Man on the moon

James from Jamesisadork

(52:23) The Manic Street Preachers – Elvis impersonator

Alex from Totally True Tales from Texas

(56:33) Warren Zevon – Porcelain monkey

Tom from Better in the Dark

(01:00:52) Elvis Costello – Red shoes

Chris from Phosphorous.net

Thankyouverymuch to all of you for taking partand listening. Next week’s theme, for episode 67, is 1967. If you would like to take part and aren’t sure what to do then just head over here.

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Well, this was far more interesting than any other Elvis-themed media I’ve ever encountered, but that’s not really a big surprise, is it? FiL’s contribution, Elvis is Everywhere, has to be my favorite, but I truely enjoyed the Gillian Welch number from Marcy. Tim’s A Century of Elvis also gets the obligatory squirrel-vote. All in all, an excellent showing. Cheers, WRE

Yep, excellent stuff all round. Having heard it of course I can now think of lots of other Elvis-type songs: Kirsty McColl’s Guy Works Down The Chip Shop (tenuously alluded to in Tim’s outro), Living Color’s Elvis Is Dead, Prefab Sprout’s The King Of Rock’n’roll, and Viv Stanshall’s uncanny impersonation on the Bonzos’ Death Cab For Cutie. Don’t mention Dire Straits though.

BTW for more themed musical goodness here’s Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hours. I mention it because by strange coincidence, having chosen my track and sent it to Tim, I then listened to the last episode of Dylan’s show and it had the same track in it! Great minds, etc. Possibly.

FiL beat me to Elvis Is Everywhere, which has to be my favorite Elvis-themed song ever! I totally forgot about Porcelain Monkey, one of the fine works of Zevon!

LOVED this theme…we need to do these semi-regularly, if you ask me. Other possibilities: Johnny Cash. Led Zep. Etc. Maybe once a year, Tim?

And nobody submitted Dread Zeppelin, which everyone must experience, just for the fun of it. You must hear their old cd, Un-Led-Ed! (I didn’t because I figured someone else did!)

And this podcast was absolutely fab! Great job, everyone!

i think there was something for everyone in this podcast, and the way tim put it together was so right, starting with that elvis impression of the e.c. song and ending with the actual elvis costello. perfect!

thanks for another great set of picks, everyone, even that really weird wesley willis!

p.s. the plural of elvis is “elvi.”

ANd FiL has made me afraid to make coffee tomorrow morning. I don’t want Elvis in my coffee NOR in my cream!

Just remember not to drive your cabin cruiser through the Bermuda Triangle, cuz Elvis needs boats!

I dunno. I gotta say, I think the plural of Elvis is Elves (pronounced “el-vees” to avoid confusion with mythical forest-nymphs)

Thanks for your positive comments everyone! I honestly thought my bad Elvis impression at the start would scare you all off 😉

… and it seems we still can’t settle on a definitive plural!!?

i really meant “elvii”–just to clarify!

I’m going with Elvi.

Cactus – Cacti
Elvus – Elvi (close enough, right?)

I think the plural of elvis is “elves”, based on the third latin declension : civis, plural: cives. So Elvis, elves…

Ah, but mon cher ZB, Elvis is originally an Anglo-Saxon name, meaning “all-wise.” So I venture we should be looking to that ancient West Germanic tongue for grammatical guidance, not Latin…

A lovely job, everyone!! My hips are still shaking, despite my non-membership in the Cult of Elvis…

what nat said! : )

I think this has been my favorite podcast so far. These songs are great together. He Might Be Giant (my grandson) enjoyed being introduced to “Elvis Is Everywhere”–he asked to listen to it again and again!

Slappin’ my forehead for forgetting Dread Zeppelin! D’oh!

Ok, that seals it. I need to further explore Warren Zevon. Any suggestions for a starting place?

I think that the plural is Elvis. Like sheep or moose. “Did you see all those Elvis over there?”

Frankly I think we should be unafraid of the verbal sizzle and just admit that the plural of Elvis is the obvious one. As in: –

EC: Hi! I’m Elvis Costello and this is Elvis Perkins!
EP: Yes, we are the Elvises, and we’ve bought a bike!
EC: Yes, this bike belongs to the Elvises. It is the Elvises’s bike!

I can’t see any real drawback except you may not know quite when to stop ‘sizzing’ when you pronounce “Elvises’s” but that’s not neccessarily a bad thing.

Yes, you do need to check out Warren! “Porcelain Monkey”‘s on “Life’ll Kill Ya”, which is one of his greats from the latter part of his career. Typical Warren is all over that, with his razor-sharp wit and dark humor. Or check out “Excitable Boy”, his early radio-friendly fare, or “Warren Zevon”, the self-titled album. I’m a huge fan of “Sentimental Hygiene”, too, and it has that lovely, romantic Warren singing a heartfelt “Reconsider Me.” You almost can’t go wrong with anything in his catalog, but I’d shy from “Mutineer” or “My Ride’s Here” as a first outing.

Once for a Halloween skit, my entire department at work dressed as Elvis (the Las Vegas incarnation). We made our costumes and called ourselves the Flying Elvises (from the movie Honeymoon in Vegas).

Everyone should dress up as Elvis at least once in life. You can’t help it; you BECOME Elvis, and it’s fun.

Deepen your voice and repeat after me:
Thank yew. Thank yew vereh much.

I have it on good authority that the correct plural is Elvii. At work today I recorded an interview for a radio 4 programme which will be broadcast in August for the 30th anniversary of his death, and both the interviewer and the guest, both Elvis experts, used the plural Elvii. So there you have it!

Another that could have gone in here is Elvis Presley Blvd. by Billy Joel. 🙂 Love the list, very interesting collection. And, I think Im gonna go with Elvi. Just because I like the sound of it, and the Cactus = Cacti / Elvis Elvi connection.

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