072 CD Swap

You have mail.

This week the tunes have been approved twice. The contributors each made a CD and sent it to another contributor who then picked a song from it to play on this week’s special podcast! If this sounds complicated then blame Ross from Just gimme indie rock!

You can see pretty pictures of us with our CDs and cards here.

You can hear to the podcast here:

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(00:20) The Jolts – Caffeine heartbeat

Ross from Just gimme indie rock
who got his CD from FiL from Pogoagogo

(02:50) Asylum Street Spankers – Beer

SAS Radio
who got his CD from Cindy from Adzuki Bean Stash

(07:09) Tanner Walle – But then

Colin from And before the first kiss
who got his CD from Marcy from Lost in your inbox

(12:13) The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner

Crash from Pretending life is like a song
who got his CD from Natalie from Mini-obs

(16:44) Oxen of the Sun – The shoes of Monsieur Bourdin

Tim from The face of today
who got his CD from ZB from So the wind …

(19:07) The Awkward Stage – Heaven is for easy girls

Chip from Atomic Ned
who got his CD from Jim from Quick before it melts

(22:37) Moonbabies – Take me to the ballroom

Liz from The Roaring Machine
who got her CD from SAS Radio

(27:11) The Evil Queens – Ditchdigger blues

Coxon from To die by your side
who didn’t get his CD from Chip from Atomic Ned

(30:38) Laika – Badtimes

Cindy from Adzuki Bean Stash
who got her CD from Tim from The face of today

(36:00) Dexys Midnight Runners – Seven days too long

Jim from Quick before it melts
who got his CD from Crash from Pretending life is like a song

(39:31) Wayne Jarrett – Brimstone and fire

ZB from So the wind …
who got his CD from Colin from And before the first kiss

(45:55) The Boggs – Arm in arm

Natalie from Mini-obs
who got her CD from Coxon from To die by your side

(50:05) Bombay Bicycle Club – Sixteen

Marcy from Lost in your inbox
who got her CD from Ross from Just gimme indie rock

(55:01) The Brilliant Corners – Meet me on Tuesdays

FiL from Pogoagogo
who got his CD from Liz from The Roaring Machine

Thanks to all of you for taking part this week. Next week’s theme is simply Shapes. If you would like to take part (and everyone is welcome) you can find out what to do on this useful page.

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Excellent episode idea, and a blast to participate in! Just as much fun to listen to.

Amazing! I haven’t heard the cast yet but thought I’d just let you know that I included ONE track on the CD I sent Liz that *I* had never listened to – and she chose it! Now I’m even more keen to hear. It looks like a GOOD podcast – but this IS CP…

Hey, I really enjoyed this weeks show.

Wow. A LOT of bands I’ve never heard of on this podcast. The opening track definitely exhibits toe tapping goodness. This may very well become one of my favorite episodes…great idea Ross. Thanks Tim for coordinating. 🙂

Glad you liked the CD, Sas.

Damn. I’m the only one that didn’t send a CD 🙁 I haven’t had a chance to listen yet so I don’t know if Coxon trashed me (which he had all the right to do) but I’ll make it up to him!

this is the most fun i’ve had in a long time–don’t laugh! it’s true. i think we should do it again.

hard to pick favorites, but that beer song and the bad times track both cracked me up, and what a treat to hear the moonbabies! fil’s intro was beyond great. how does he do it week in and week out?

ross deserves some kind of special prize for thinking this up. : )

Chip! Did the deadline just pass you by or your CD burner was broke??? Or did Coxon get his track from someone else? The shoes of Monsieur Bourdin is really growing on me…yep, definitely one of my favorite episodes! I agree, Ross needs a special pat on the back, snuggle, whatever. Awesome theme idea.

YEAH !!!! What a super podcast, thanks Fil for My cd..twas great…I’m glad you liked the cd Marcy !!!And thanks to everyone who took part, we should defo do this again !!! I love you ALL !!!

it was a lot of fun in the making,
it is a lot of pleasure in the listening.
Wow ! a favourite of mine for sure !
(when will appear “contrast swap II : the return is back” in theatres near me home ?)

Yeah, I have to go with ZB on this one. I want in on the production of what we’re abbreviating as “cs2:rib”. This was a TERRIFIC idea, Ross. And well done, contributors.

I had a blast with both creating my mix and listening to the one I received! If we do a repeat, I’m in!

Oh my, this was absolutely phenomenal! If I had to suggest to a CP virgin an episode that encapsulated what it’s all about, it’d have to be this one. It really made me glow with pleasure. Y’know, I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon this fantastic community – you are all lovely, lovely folks. Aw, geez, I know that sounds just too gushy, but to paraphrase Johnny Rotten, I mean it, maaaan!

Right, I’ve soooo much to say!!

Dearest Ross, I’m chuffed that you liked the CD! The Jolts sure do exactly what it says on the tin, eh?

Dearest SAS & Cindy, how that track made me larf! And it’s now stuck in my head, but that’s a good thing.

Dearest Crash, the Modern Lovers versh was the original, penned (wouldja believe it) in 1970! But, I dunno the words! I dunno how it starts, I’ve forgotten it… Hey, do we know any other fucking songs that we can do?
Do we know any other songs that we can do? I can’t think of any.

Hey Jim, so Canada represented twice, eh? Unleash the power!!

Dearest Crash & Jim, that Dexy’s track is on a treasured compilation tape given to me by my best friend in high school. I confess I belted along at top volume when it came on the radio during my drive home. Pity the poor pedestrians…

Dearest Coxon & Chip – goodness, such heavyosity and chugging scuzz!! I’m overwhelmed!!

Dearest Cindy & Tim, it all makes sense now. The amphetamine lab in my bathroom, my poor limping dog, the sand in my petrol tank, all because I opened that email. Actually, I think Tim sent it to me…

Dearest Colin & ZB, that was some well righteous brimstone. Oh yes, delightful…

I’d better stop before I combust. And lest anyone wonder, I’m not drunk. Well, except for on the headiness of this fantastic podcast.

FiL, you are a riot. CP would not be the delight it is without you!

Now, about Roadrunner (can you tell I’m really pitching Richman and the Lovers). I just read in wikipedia, therefore it HAS to be true:

“In July 2007 – 30 years after “Roadrunner” reached the UK charts – journalist Laura Barton wrote an essay published in the UK Guardian newspaper on her attempt to visit all the locations mentioned in all Richman’s recorded versions of the song. These include the Stop ‘n Shop at Natick, Massachusetts where Richman was born and grew up, as well as Route 128, the Howard Johnson’s restaurant, the Prudential Tower, Quincy, Cohasset, Deer Island and the Interstate 90.”

Now, that’s dedication. I live near these places and have not been to all of them!

Kinda late, but if anybody wants to check out the mix that I sent Coxon (albeit, via email rather than a physical disc), you can download it here:


[…] I recently participated in the Contrast Podcast CD Swap. I failed in my mission to mail out a mix CD to the person I was assigned (Coxon from To Die By Your Side) but I did send him a link to where he could download the mix CD that I spent a lot of time putting together. I decided to expose someone from England to a wonderful mix of Columbus bands, past and present and 20 of my favorite songs by those artists. Coxon chose “Ditchdigger Blues” by The Evil Queens to play on the podcast – a fine, fine selection. I received a great mix CD of Canadian bands from Jim from Quick Before it Melts and I chose to play “Heaven is For Easy Girls” by The Awkward Stage. […]

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