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This week on the podcast we have our seventh episode filled with music makers introducing their own recordings. How splendid!?

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(00:37) Penny Century – Nothing burns like bridges

Penny Century’s website
Penny Century at Letterbox Records

(03:14) Marianne Dissard & Matt Mitchell – Boum

Marianne & Matt’s myspace
Marianne’s website

(05:03) Victor Scott feat. Lauri Apple Music corp. – Pink Motorola

Victor’s website (free album download!)
Lauri’s website
Lauri’s myspace

(09:17) Strangers in Wonderland – Behind the mask

Strangers in Wonderland website (free downloads)
Strangers in Wonderland on myspace

(14:05) Naim Amor – Lychee girl

Naim’s website
Naim’s myspace

(16:59) Paper Cuts – Exit this topic

Paper Cuts on last.fm (free album download!)
Paper Cuts on myspace

(19:39) Rob Szabo – Family and friends

Rob’s website

(24:20) MJ Hibbett – A million ukeleles

MJ Hibbett’s website
MJ Hibbett on myspace

(30:46) Statehood – End the moderation

Statehood’s website

(33:28) The Jellyheads – Organumatron

The Jellyhead’s website

(41:27) Deek Deekster – Some of us just love to play

Deek Deekster’s website

(46:55) Moby Noor – Soulpilot

Moby Noor’s website

(52:14) Chainsaw Agent – Everyone feels like Holden Caulfield and you are never going home

Chainsaw Agent’s website

(57:11) Paul Terry & Moyra Noise – Smother me

Paul’s myspace
Moyra’s myspace

Thanks to all the musicians and bands who took part this week.

If you are a musician, or you know a musician or band, who would like to introduce your song on the next of these episodes just follow the instructions on the will you play my music page.

Next week’s ‘regular’ episode of the podcast has the theme of Random shuffle. Picking your song has never been easier. All you have to do is set your mp3 player to shuffle and the first song that comes up is the song you have to introduce. No cheating!!! If you want to take part you’ll find the instructions hiding here.

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Ross, that song kicks some ass and I feel the need to pogo. The cool thing is that I know I won’t slip on somebody’s spilled beer here at the house! I’m going to d/l the whole thing at last.fm!

Yeah … The Paper Cuts tracks are great. It just goes to show that recording quickly is the best way to do things sometimes. Make sure you download Victor’s album too .. and check out all the the other artists sites.


nat–you have to check out the paper cuts myspace page. you’ll be amazed at how high our friend ross can jump! he looks like he’s even more energetic onstage than he seems to be in his intros. : )

Hey you guys, thanks for your sweet comments !!! And thanks TIM for opening my ears to all these great bands !!!
Some real good stuff on this weeks cast.
Good work !!!!

Yes, Tim, I will certainly check out all their web sites…this series just keeps getting BETTER! Thanks to all the artists for sharing the music with us.

Victor’s album could be an episode of CP by itself! It’s like a study in genres! Great stuff!

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