085 Random shuffle

Easiest theme ever equals longest ever podcast!

All you had to do to take part this week was put your mp3 player onto shuffle and then introduce the song that randomly arrived. In theory the contrast should be even more apparent than usual.

Let us see.

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(01:29) Jurassic 5 – Lesson 6 : The Lecture

Chris from Phosphorus.net

(07:29) OMD – Tesla Girls

FiL from Pogoagogo

(15:17) Third Eye Blind – Narcolepsy

Andy from Circles of Concrete

(19:23) Tar … Feathers – Rumours travels fast

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(23:39) Sean Na Na – Little leaning tower

Sid from Too Much Rock

(28:21) Fiver – Keep us in stitches

Chip from Atomic Ned

(32:43) Van Morrison – Everyone

Dweller from Child without an iPod

(36:35) Boss Hog – Get it while you wait

Dirk from Sexy Loser

(41:27) U2 – Bad

James from Jamesisadork

(47:02) Sparklehorse – It’s not so hard

Marcy from Lost in your inbox

(50:31) Antony & The Johnsons with Boy George – You are my sister

Crash from Pretending life is like a song

(55:10) Sean Watkins – Summer’s coming

Natalie from Mini-obs

(59:24) The Stranglers – Strange little girl

Mark from Cinema du Lyon

(01:02:52) The Ramones – All the way (live)

Tom from Better in the Dark

(01:05:33) The Cat Empire – Hello

Anna from Music I-Quiz

(01:09:58) Mulatu Astatq̩ РM̬tch̩ Dersh̩

Tim from The face of today

(01:14:25) 30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill

Mèden O. Zephyr from Old fridges can kill

(01:19:03) Forget Cassettes – Like tiny swords

Bob from Gimme Tinnitus

(01:24:21) Maps – Lost my soul

Linda from Speed of dark

(01:28:28) The Replacements – I’ll be you

Jon from Your moment of Zen

(01:32:21) Lee Scratch Perry – Chase the devil

Dean from Pod of Funk

Thanks to all of you who took part and listened this week.

Next week we are looking at songs that are somehow related to 1986. If you would like to take part (and you would be most welcome) but you aren’t sure what to do then read this.

Important note – we need your vote!

Over the holidays we will be running a three episode special based on John Peel’s Festive 50 called The Contrast Podcast Festive 50! It will be a run down of your favourite 50 tracks of 2007.

To take part you need to follow these steps:

1. Decide on your 5 favourite tracks of 2007 and put them in order from 1 (your favourite) to 5 (your fifth favourite).
2. Send this list to me at tim.young@rhul.ac.uk with ‘Contrast Podcast Festive 50’ in the message title by the 27th November.
3. This is open to all contributors and listeners to the podcast .. so spread the word. The more votes we get the better it will work.
4. Three lucky list-makers (pulled out of the hat randomly) will win a copy of the ‘The Trucks – Titties ep’ including my remix!!
5. I will then put the lists together to make a chart and invite contributors to introduce songs that they have liked.
6. The podcast will go out from 18th December to 1st January with a countdown of the top 50 .. hopefully!

Please leave a comment about the podcast by clicking here.

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I can’t work out whether Andy or myself suffered the worse from this particular exercise. I certainly would not be rushing to my blog (perpetually coming soon – so don’t feel I’m pushing you in that direction) as a result of seeing my ‘selection’.

I loved the mix in this one, but I’m cracking up at how many of us were worried that something “sucky” might appear. Linda, at least, blamed it on “evaluation tracks.” (Now, I’m sure that’s true, and I wish I would have thought of that!) Seriously, next time I synch my iPod with iTunes, those Hannah Montana songs will be obliterated from my mp3 player!

[…] Episode 85 of Contrast Podcast has been uploaded by Tim Young with this week’s theme being “Random Shuffle”. The rule was simple: hit the shuffle button on your MP3 player (or iTunes or CD player or whatever you use to listen to music) and then send it to Tim along with an intro. My iRiver landed on “Keep Us in Stitches” by Fiver. I was a little nervous considering I know some of the stuff that’s on my MP3 player probably wouldn’t be real popular with the kids who listen to the Contrast Podcast each week! And, to be honest, I’m really surprised there weren’t more embarrassing tracks on the podcast – I guess either people got lucky or maybe they don’t have any guilty pleasures loaded up. […]

I’m glad to say that I have absolutely no idea who Hannah Montana is and thanks to Nat and Marcy I hope NEVER to know!


AAGGGHHH, i was away the last week so didn’t geet time to submit anything, gonna listen soooooon !!!!

TIm, without hearing her, she’s the daughter of one Billy Ray Cyrus, who made it big in country in the 90’s with “Achy Breaky Heart,” who stars in a Disney Channel Show called “Hannah Montana.”(Gee, Billy Ray plays her dad in the show!) In the show, she’s a big pop star who keeps on the down low in her hometown, so only her family and a couple of friends know who she really is. I must say, the girl can sing and keeps a wholesome image, but those are the only positive things I can say! I’m just hoping my kid is only going through a phase of liking this genre of music, just as I did when I loved The Banana Splits.

and dolly parton plays her aunt or something. the best thing i can say about the show is that billy ray looks pretty good now that he’s not sporting that mullet anymore!

great podcast, folks. glad i wasn’t the only one worried about the outcome.

ross–we missed you for sure!

and thank god fil has finally escaped the clutches of the evil s.l.i.m.e., although not soon enough to keep that christopher cross song from getting stuck in my head! : )

I forgot about Dolly! ANd I agree that BIlly Ray is a hottie now that the mullet cut is gone.

And I’m afraid FiL didn’t cut that Cristopher Cross song off soon enough for it to become and earworm for me. DRAT! Curse you, evil FiL!

Billy Ray looks good now … there is a phrase I thought I’d never hear. I do hope to stay ignorant to the joys of Miss Montana and her secret poptastic life.

Oh boy.

I too am glad that FiL is free. I do hope that Uri doesn’t work him too hard in his club though. Perhaps he’ll be able to turn the Teslas against him and escape!

So … who still hasn’t sent me their votes? I guess I should have set a shorter deadline. I’m now thinking that I’m going to have to take a second poll to put the top 50 songs into an order .. otherwise we’ll end up with half of them coming joint first and the secong half coming joint second … and that would just be an excuse for another random shuffle wouldn’t it??

Listening to all of these people talk about the size of their mp3 libraries makes me feel that I need to respond to some of those spam emails I keep getting.

It was a very random show, not surprising really, but as always still thoroughly enjoyable. I had stopped my ipod right at James’ song when I got to work – had an absolute crap day – and thankyou James, you made me smile and feel all fuzzy as that is my favourite U2 song.
Anyway – putting out a challenge, my lastest quiz is a competition round where you can win an Amazon voucher. Nat put up an entry – I want to see what the rest of you have got 🙂
Here’s a link


I’m glad that the shuffle on my iPod was feeling good for you that day! Glad to help make your day a little brighter…even though i suppose i didn’t really have any contribution to it at all, i’ll definitely always take credit for warm and fuzzy feelings 🙂

[…] The Contrast Podcast is doing one, and listeners and participants are invited to take part.  It’s a great project, so if you don’t know what I’m talking about then bugger off and have a listen.  Just email Tim your top five songs of the year, in order, by November 27th and you’ll be counted.  The whole lot will come out as a series of podcasts over the Christmas period, which sounds rather jolly.  Details on participating can be found at the bottom of this post. […]

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