102 Envy

Have you ever found yourself with a feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by a desire for the possessions or qualities of another? Then this episode of The Contrast Podcast is for you!

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(00:00) Intro from Mr G. Letch & Mr A. Thrub

(02:55) Damgok – Penis envy

Tim from The face of today

(05:41) The Dead Milkmen – Everybody’s got nice stuff

SiD from Too Much Rock

(08:58) Reel Big Fish – I want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend

Natalie from Mini-obs

(12:56) Joe Jackson – Is she really going out with him (live acapella)

Brad from Brad’s Blog

(17:33) Pulp – I want you

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(22:41) Jonathan Richman – No mas por fun

JC from The Vinyl Villain

(25:07) Cat Power – She’s got you

Linda from Speed of dark

(29:18) The Jam – David Watts

FiL from Pogoagogo

(32:20) Envy and Other Sins – Prodigal Son

Crash from Pretending life is like a song

(37:03) Barenaked Ladies – Just a toy (live)

James from Appetite For Distraction

(40:48) The Hellcows – Jealousy

Eiron from A Blog of No Importance

(42:49) Bettye Lavette – I do not want what I haven’t got

Anna from the Music I-Quiz

(45:47) Ash – Envy

Ross from Just gimme indie rock

(49:39) Elliot Smith – Jealous guy (live)

Dirk from Sacred Loser

This week’s episode is dedicated to the dear Miss Cat Flowers who was a dear friend to the podcast and will be very deeply missed.

Thanks as always to all of you for contributing and listening. Next week we are going to be hearing lots of Bands with ridiculous names. If you would like to take part, but aren’t sure what to do, then please read these rather useful written instructions.

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Bruegel envy etching borrowed from here.

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Er, I don’t get the picture. Is the guy envying the turkey? Or is the turkey envying the guy coz he’s drinking a pint??

I dunno .. you could ask Bruegel if he hadn’t died in 1569!

Hey CP nation, whaddaya think??

thanks for the sweet dedication.

Fil, I think it’s the man who is envying the turkey as the male turkey was a symbol of virile power.

I haven’t a clue. I think the turkey looks terrified as if the woman on the mobile phone pointing at it has suddenly decided just who is on the menu for Xmas day and is calling the butcher.

Said woman on mobile look however as if she herself is about to be ‘claimed’ with a fairground hoopla from a monkey with a bad hat.

Did I really write those previous sentences?? I must go and lie down..I’ll listen in tomorrow when the LSD has worn off.

It’s simple. The woman is selling herself to the demons in order to obtain an ass that looks like a turkey’s ass. Duh.

I think she wishes she was a turkey, but she accidentally glued a cup to her face and so she can never be a turkey. And that makes the demons put a ring on her damsel hat…..

I maintain it’s not a she, but a he. Specifically, I think it’s Julian Cope, envying a free-range turkey its free-rangeness, while munching on a psychotropic mushroom.

But who are the folks on the right, and why have they left their shoes on the wall?

Actually, I’m quite certain that’s PJ Harvey coveting a bird’s….BOTTTTOMMMM!!!

Oh, when WILL our Megawang arrive??

*thrub thrub thrub thrub thrub*

The turkey just wishes he could wear the clogs that the naked miniature Slade have teasingly placed on the wall beside it. The grass never is greener, and I am certain that is the lesson the illustration is attempting to convey.

It’s a little known fact that Bruegel was working on a commission for a poster for the original 1542 cinema release of ‘The Wicker Man’. The poster illustrates the moment in the film when Lord Summerisle, dressed as the lady of the dance, notices that Sergeant Howie has stolen the Turkey costume and is infiltrating the dance. Rowan Morrison is hiding in the tent and Big Fat Man With The Bushy Beard Two is just coming down the lady having loaded up the wicker man with the last of the chickens. Those who think of the cinema as a post-1895 artform have always been sadly misguided.

…and sergeant howie turkey is looking at the four shoes on this side of the wall
(two others are, out of vision, on the other side) and he’s thinking : “gosh ! do they imagine I can wear these and decently walk !”

Everyone knows that in the mid to late 16th century Europe, Turkey was considered a delicacy reserved for state dinners. Or they would if they did a google search. Also, I’m glad to see Joe Jackson made it as that’s what I would have chosen had I put my act together in time.

I haven’t even listened to the ‘cast yet and already my sides are splitting with laughter. CP Nation, you are glorious!!

The cast is damn good, and Anna, I almost picked that song, but couldn’t figure out how to intro it. YOU pulled it off fantasically! Hats off!

And James, I’m always envying the people in floor seats right up front. Seems I’m just too cheap or too behind the power curve to get those seats.

RIP Ms. Cat Flowers… I think Reel Big Fish’s “I want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend” is going onto my next mix tape…

I’ve just taken some more LSD….and I’ve got it.

But I’m not telling you waht it is….

great podcast, everyone! from mr. thrub and mr. letch right on through to the end.

i’m always envious of the podcast when i’m not in it! 🙂

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