129 Covers that are very different (part 1)

If you are going to go to the trouble of remaking a song why not really put your stamp on it by making some substantial changes? On this episode and the next we’ll be finding out if it’s worthwhile!

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(00:00) Polysics – My Sharona

Tim from The face of today

(03:41) Hands on Heads – School

Ross from Just gimme indie rock

(05:02) Erroll Garner – (They want to be) close to you

Chris from Phosphorous.net

(10:45) Rats with wings – Hungry like the wolf

Matthew from Song by Toad

(16:34) Cake – I will survive

JC aka The Vinyl Villian

(26:13) Jill Sobule – Hot in herre

Agnes from It all started with carbon monoxide

(29:56) La Perversita – (I can’t get no) satisfaction

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(32:57) The Cardigans – Iron man

Greer from A Sweet Unrest

(37:41) The Postal Service – Against all odds

Andy from Circles of Concrete

(42:28) Giant Bear – Head like a hole

Natalie from Mini-Obs

(47:05) TV on the Radio – Mr Grieves

Bob from Gimme Tinnitus

(51:33) The Secret Machines – Money (that’s what I want)

The In Crowd from I’m Learning to Share!

Thanks to all of you for taking part and listening, and don’t forget to come back next week for the second exciting installment!

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I am intrigued by every single song in this list!

I havent even listened yet and I’m laughing. Great photo…..

Andy, I love that cover too, great call. And Ross, I heard that! A secret ‘Love’ kick following ‘Red Telephone’ last week! And Jill Sobule is fantastic, and the Cake cover is brilliant, and Cardigans + laid back metal cover is brilliant and and and…

Oh yeah..i might make that a regular theme Adam for my own sad amusement, hee hee..can’t wait to listen !!! I’ve hear that Polysics cover and it class !!!

JC – I considered “I Will Survive” and when I realized that was going to be your song choice, i crossed my fingers in hopes that it would be this version. I think the “I should have changed my f***ing lock” part really gets to the heart of the song.

i will have you know that i have sung the cake version of “i will survive” in karoke myself. i was so drunk at the time that my husband actually dragged me home from the party we were at. apparently i was embarrassing him! : )

he was just embarrassed he couldn’t rock it as hard as you. don’t let him tell you otherwise.

I would have paid to see that karoke performance, marcy!

Marcie, did you do the actions to all of it, especially the tricky but necessary locksmith bit?

Agnes, I never get sick of Jill Sobule’s covers, and one of my favorites is “Don’t Let Us Get Sick,” a Warren Zevon cover. And now I can finally appreciate “Hot In Herre.”

JC – If you want more photos as good as that one just go and search for ‘sleeveface’ on flickr. It gave me hours of pleasure .. perhaps we should have our own little sleeveface competition here on the podcast?

Marcy – I would have paid to be there with Nat .. as long as she agreed to get up next and duet with me on something like ‘islands in the stream’, ‘i’ve got you babe’, ‘dancing in the street’ or ‘under pressure’.


Sufficce to say there is a second episode filled with an equal amount of joy coming your way next week.

Obviously we should do this again sometime! I think the only one I know here is Cake. I see my cover song will be in next week’s batch, but I have more examples and I bet everyone else does too. That photo is hilarious!

Marcy, I hate to think how drunk I’d have to be to sing in public. Although I did sing on a podcast intro, and I was perfectly sober.

oh, friends, i was extremely drunk, and although i don’t recall a lot of details from my evening, i don’t think i did any hand gestures. other gestures, perhaps (which is part of why i got in trouble!), but none specific to the song.

someday we will have a multi-national gathering of podcast contributors and i promise to reprise my performance! until then, you’ll have to use your imaginations. 😉

Love the Cardigans cover Greer! I’m not that familiar with the original, so if you hadn’t featured it here I reckon I would’ve just assumed it was their own. Have always enjoyed that Postal Service cover too. And JC, that Julian Clary story is certainly a colourful one!

I am just grateful that my Julian Clary experience pre-dated mobile phones and you tube……otherwise I would probably have required plastic surgery and a name change to be able to go out in public.

Normally, I am very drunk at Karaoke (current songs which are ranted rather than sung are ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘Wild Thing’). But for the performance in the tale I’ve told this week, I was stone-cold sober…..

Finally…..forget about waiting for Marcy’s suggestion of a multi-national gathering of podcast contributors…..How about ‘Contrast Podcasters as Karaoke Stars’ for a theme??’.

Only kidding……

Dearest James, given your technical prowess, can you figure out an place equidistant from all CP contributors where we could have Dearest Marcy’s suggested jamboree??? 😉

If my calculations are correct, then Virginia is exactly equidistant. Specifically, Northern Virginia. Isn’t it weird that I live almost exactly the same distance from everyone who has ever contributed? I guess that’s what i get for living at the focal point of the universe. 🙂

Excellent, party at Dearest James’ this weekend then. Nice of him to pick up our airfare too, eh??

yes yes. certainly. the card number is 0315-1420-1801-1920 and the card is in the name of “Letch, Thrub, and Ass.”

Expiration 03/16

First of all, I didn’t get around to commenting last week so happy belated birthday Marcy!

JC, I am grateful that my entire youth predated cell phones and YouTube :). I loved your story.

This whole podcast was so much fun, mostly stuff I hadn’t heard before and all great tunes. Can’t wait for next week.

thanks, greer! as agnes put it, the birthday train keeps on rolling as long as the wishes keep coming. 🙂

jc–i suggested a similar theme once–the song you’d most like to sing karaoke to but probably isn’t a selection–although i hadn’t thought of actually singing the intro. not sure i’d want to do that!

I think perhaps we should all shut the fuck up about this or it will happen next week.

karaoke! karaoke! karaoke! 😉

I was the joint third best karaoke singer on the Yangtze river back in 2001. Fact.

Oh FiL … are you sure the Stinking Bishop wasn’t a bit too stinky already?

But: I would really seriously love to know where the aforementioned equidistant place might possibly be …

It’s probably in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, although Greer might skew us onto land. Of course, we have Anna and Agnes in Australia…Hmmm.

Look folks….every map of the world shows that good old Blighty is the centre of the world…..and thus we should meet at Brennand Farm.


I’ll fetch my anorak….and wellies.

You need us Aussies to keep you lot in line! Or something.

It’s or something. I, for one, refuse to be kept in line.


If we worked out all of our locations grid references and then got a mean latitude and longnitude we would have The Meeting Point. Although I have a horrible feeling that the Aussie crew and Greer might indeed skew it towards northern Virginia, even if we didn’t let James do the maths.

JC-I listened to this episode days ago and I still laugh out loud when I think of your story. Incredibly funny…and a great cover, too.

Agnes-your selection also upped my laugh-o-meter this week. Great!

OK, I’m at 49 degrees north, 123 degrees west. 156 ft above sea level.

Excellent stuff. I’ve been looking at that Mayne Island you keep posting about, very lovely. I am at 52’42″46.94N and 2’44″48.70W. Next to The Big House.

Why dont we all meet up at Tim’s house??? At least half the podcasters must know where it is having been over for a party!!!!

I used this site:

And it gave me:
39 Degrees 6’56″N
77 Degrees 33’48″W

Actually it didn’t give me the directions, but rather a positive number for north and a negative number for west.

I can figure out a mean latitude and longitude if people are interested…

Of course, i’m going to start with the threee i have, rounding to the nearest degree. If we use THAT mean, we’ll be able to figure out the closest location for a get-together (imagined or otherwise!)

Tricia I’ve heard that track loads of times and it never fails to make me laugh, still! I gotta go now, all this mathematical speak is giving me a rash.

i’m pretty close to james, actually, but i’ve always wanted to visit london, so i vote for tim’s house.

we could reprise that virtual party we had there a few episodes ago . . . that was loads of fun!

James, if you use me you and FiL then we really are going to end up at yours. Or possibly in the ocean. I’m happy with Tim’s as a back up. In case you’re a blogger of the London persuasion can I bung this link at you? Ta.

Actually, the average of our three long/lats is a big open field in Maine. The space is big enough, but we may have to found civilization. Tim’s house would have substantially more civilization. I’m assuming.

I’m good with Maine, since I go up there a few times a year! LOBSTAH for everyone!!!

Luckily we’ve not had any of this. Yet.

53° 24’N; 2° 9′ W

Just wait for the next episode Chris!

The podcast’s official home (according to Google Earth) is 51°25′29.13″N; 0°34′00.17″W and it has a bar and lots of bedrooms. Since you all invited yourselves around to my house before I’ve installed a 12 foot high barbed wire fence and a doberman (called Ian) … blame FiL.

Seriously though … if any of you happen to pass through Heathrow or London I have been known to buy beer or have a meal with CPers.


Ok, Chris and Tim’s coordinates take us something like 550 miles from land in the middle of the atlantic. Then, knowing Anna’s in Brisbane and Greer’s in San Fran, we end up 7 miles from Portugal, but then with Andy in Richmond, VA, we’re 169 miles from land again.

You lot crack me up. God, I love the internet.

I feel I’ve reached new heights of geekiness, people.

Taking the coordinates of the birthplaces/band formation locations of our top ten all-stars, I have calculated another possible meeting place to be somewhere near Barcelona, Spain.

Hi Tim,

I might just hold you to the ‘passing through Heathrow’ statement as I am (I believe) taking off from Heathrow on October 3rd. There may be a spare hour or so in the evening of the 2nd that might require a liquid supper…


If I were to move to Iceland for a bit would it pull the mean meeting point back to London?

Just hypothetically

Sorry, I’m a bit late with my response, but I was listening to Wire’s “Map Ref. 41N 93W” all the time … Sexyloser’s Shack is located at 6° 16′ 56″ E 50° 53′ 45″ N … and of course all of you are more than welcome!

I left off the minutes and seconds, just in case y’all are a bunch of skeeery, psycho stalkers… 😉

Er, “psycho” being used as an adjective, not a noun, natch.

I’ve actually been sitting in a concealed tent outside the Bates Motel for going on two years now, watching Norman’s every move.

I even went to the trouble of downloading Google Earth for this…..

55°50′38.58″N; 4°17′51.08″W

But I’m proud that I havent got a clue what it all means……

I’m waiting with baited breath for ZB to finally share where ikhtonia is … I can’t find it on Google Earth.

Which makes me wonder James .. what happens to the final position if you bias it using the number of submissions each contributor has made? That’s the kind of calculation that would make your geek hat explode!


Tim, if you can locate the city of Ys, one can say you’re closest than close

Alors mon cher ZB, au hasard je dirais 48°05′24.18″ Nord et 4°19′51.05″ Ouest…

Now look what you’ve all done….FiL has forgottem his medicine again and is talking gibberish.

Ok. Tim, you are a cruel man. And I’m working on the proposed weighting as we speak.

Second, the link to this episode doesn’t appear to work.

And finally, am I putting those coordinates that FiL posted in for ZB?

Mwahhahahahaha (that’s my evil laugh)


Which link did you mean .. it all seems to be working for me? … and I’d include ZB’s coordinates unless he disputes them!

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