156 Trios

We are three!

To celebrate our birthday we are listening to lots of things that come in threes. Thanks to all of you have taken part in and listened to the podcasts that we’ve made each week since March 2006.

Here’s to at least three more.

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(00:00) The Dudley Moore Trio – Song for Suzy

Tim from The face of today

(03:27) Beastie Boys – Shadrach

James from Appetite For Distraction

(07:35) Nirvana – Spank thru (Peel session)

Chris from Phosphorous.net

(11:53) Les Trois Fromages – La Tartiflette

FiL from Pogoagogo

(17:10) Ultimate Power Duo – Buddy Holly was the first Ramone

Chris from Culture Bully

(19:06) The Jam – When you’re young

JC aka The Vinyl Villian

(23:44) De La Soul – The Magic number

Greer from A Sweet Unrest

(27:25) Girl in a Coma – Clumsy sky

Marcy from Lost in your inbox

(31:54) The Cure – Killing an arab

Andy from How Marvellous

(34:21) The Juliana Hatfield Three – Spin the bottle

Adam from Pretending life is like a song

(37:02) The Parallelograms – 1,2,3, Go!

John Q.

(39:49) The Be Good Tanyas – The littlest birds

Linda from Speed of Dark

(44:20) Double Dagger – The psychic

Bob from Gimme Tinnitus

(47:35) Elly Paspala – For the habit of love


(51:39) The Police – When the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around

Natalie from Mini-Obs

(56:01) Kate Bush ft Trio Bulgarka – Rocket’s tail


(01:01:13) Madrugada – Majesty


(01:06:05) The Waifs – Haircut

Agnes from It all started with carbon monoxide

(01:12:00) Dinosaur Jr. – Raisans

Eiron from The S+7 Method

(01:16:56) Splodgenessabounds – Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please

Dirk from Sexy Loser

(01:20:00) The Ink Spots – We three (my echo, my shadow & me)

The In Crowd from I’m learning to share!

(01:24:59) Lynne Arriale Trio – Come together

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

Thanks again to all of you for you lovely choices, words and ear action. Next week’s episode is the next in our series about parts of the body and this time we will be looking at the arms. If you would like to take part you’ll find out what to do by looking here.

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Picture painted by this talented old dude.

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In the off-chance that someone hasn’t seen/heard these, I present some well intentioned links in celebration of 3 years:


thanks again Tim

Also, not that it’s a competition, but I should give up completely on introducing songs–Chris, FiL, Marcy, everyone (still listening) – well done

My levels were way out. That’s what happens if you try to record an intro with minimal noise, such as might be made by playbacks. I didn’t say anything nice in my intro, so I shall do so in the comments here. The Contrast Podcast has been regularly making my week since right back at the beginning, when I somehow discovered the thing (though ask me how and I couldn’t tell you). It took me more than a little while to get involved, but I’m proud to be a part of this podcasting family… which, if we extend the metaphor, could be said to comprise almost entirely of funny uncles and aunties.

Am only 24 minutes in, but I wanted to say a big congrats to Greer! Hope you and the baby are healthy and doing well.

Greer, congratulations on the new baby boy! 🙂 I hope your rest is not unsweet.

congratulations indeed, greer!! thanks for letting all of us “funny uncles and aunties” know. : )

this was a great episode, through and through. it was funny, touching, heartfelt and i’m really so thankful to be a part of it.

tim, i love how you started with some swinging jazz and looped it back ’round at the end with zb’s song. you are the best, what can i say? : )

Happy birthday CP, you’re a week and a half older than my son Edward, which means I’m actually mildly miffed that he didn’t show up earlier! Hey ho. Lately I’ve taken to listening to CP on a Wednesday morning early at work, making the tedium of extra hours inthe office so much more bearable! Although I’m nw back home listening to the last 30 mins or so, albeit with only one half of my headphones on, because the wife is out and I need to keep the other ear out for the aforementioned nearly-three-year-old! Thank you all so much for another year of audio glory, it’s been immeasurably enjoyable. Maybe when my Marathon ‘fun’ is out of the way I might even get round to contributing more often, too. (NB I’m up to 17 miles training-wise, with a month to go…) I even feel guilty when I don’t get time to leave one of these Comments each week, because it’s really the least I should do to thank Tim and the rest of the CP comrades. You all rock!

first, happy birthday again contrast nation (tim you’re the best) (and ikhtonia nation is proud to be twinned with contrast nation – yep that means you my gentle dames and dear lords)

two, congrats dear greer.

three. well I found a rope ladder so…

Happy Happy Day! Congrats!

First, Congratulations Greer! I’m already impressed with the kid’s musical taste (I assume he selected the track and you did the intro?)

Second, Congratulations Tim and the whole CP nation. The CP is basically the highlight of my week!

Finally, I really enjoyed the Trois Fromages track, the De La Soul track, the Waifs track, and the Ink Spots track. I know I say this almost every week, but the contrast was out in full force this time 🙂

Thank you all so much for the good wishes!

I really enjoyed this, as always. What a fantastic celebration of the CP’s 3rd birthday. Especially great to hear Nirvana, The Waifs, The Police and Mr. In Crowd, your intro made me well up… I wish you all the best.

Woo-hoo!! Three years of CP behind us, and countless more ahead. Y’all are a fantastic bunch, and Dearest TiM, you are a saint for bringing so much happy happy joy joy to us internauts!!

Dearest James, you really think those Beefy Boys are really going to amount to anything? I’m not so sure – we’ll see… 😉

Dearest Chris, they are indeed Ultimate! What a fab song – and from the wilds of Saskatchewan no less!!

Dearest JC, what can I say?? The Jam – twists my heart every time…

Dearest Greer, how wonderful that your wee man has made his CP debut already!! And De La Soul – always time for da inner sound, y’all!!

Dearest Marcy!! That song rawked! RAWKED!! RAMMY TO THE MAX!! P.S. We love you too, loads!!

Hello Andy, and welcome to the CP Nation!

John Q, that was a terrific track!

Dearest Linda, the Tanyas are indeed a fine, fine BC band.

Dear Rhianna, bravo for flying the Hellenic flag! Epharisto sas poli.

Dearest Nats, I think those Beefy Boys of James’ stand more of a chance than those Policemen… 😉

Conrad, Kate Bush – le sigh, le swoon…

Dearest Eiron, I’m still working on the bladder control. Oh, and would you mind supervising me while I eat these raisins?


And my dear In Crowd, I wish you peace and mindfulness on your journey of change. And you ain’t alone, you’ve got us. 🙂

Dearest Greer,

I do hope you’re not as tired as I am these days …. but apart from that: all the very best from my side: congratulations!!!

But, FiL, I don’t like those Beastie Boys or much of anything hip-hop or rap. I’m old school R & B, all the way, baby, and the bigger the afro on the performer, the better. I do dig me some funk, though.

There, you have my true confession.

Now I’m picturing Sting with a big Afro. Awesome 🙂

Oh, I can picture him looking like that painting guy on PBS who used to paint the happy little trees. 😉

Bob Ross! Good image, Nat 🙂

That’s it..Bob Ross, rest his soul!

James, check facebook for a photo!

bob ross! i couldn’t figure out who that was. now i remember.

fil–i got that rammy tune from juan, of all people!

I love birthday parties and this one was a blast.

Greer…warmest congratulations on your son’s safe arrival. I’m thinking of you rocking him around to the tune you got from JC.

Stuart- Way to go with all of that good running. I hope that you train with music in your ears? Makes the miles melt away.

Dirk…tense, tense, tense that one was. But, I loved every impatient minute.

Bob Ross-all tension has gone away just saying the name aloud!

Dearest In Crowd… Very touched by your intro and song. Hope the future brings nothing but good things your way.

Tim Tim!! CP and its master are definitely Mel worthy. Thanks so much for all of your hard work. Tuesdays never sounded so good.

Happy belated 3rd birthday !!
Very cool this was lots of fun to listen to !

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