160 2009 so far (part 2)

If you were around last week you’ll know that we were doing our darndest to show how much we know about all the fantastic new tunes that are finding their way to our earholes at the moment … and the fun continues this week! What more could you want???

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(00:26) M Ward – To save me (ft. Jason Lytle)

Diana from Lipsynchsuck

(03:33) Grizzly Bear – Southern point

Ross from Hummin’ Cummins

(09:18) The Leisure Society – A matter of time

DC from The Waiting Room

(16:16) Franz Ferdinand – Twilight omens

Linda from Speed of Dark

(19:16) Maximo Park – Wrathlike

Adam from Pretending life is like a song

(22:29) Bruce Peninsula – Steamroller

Jim from Quick Before it Melts

(28:30) Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Future perfect tense


(33:35) Alabama 3 – Charles Laughton

Eiron from The S+7 Method

(40:44) Kinetic Stereokids – Free money

Pieter from Two Tramps in Mud Time

(46:31) Neko Case – Prison girls

Rick from Are You Embarrassed Easily?

(54:07) Jason Lytle – Brand new sun

Chip from Atomic Ned

(59:10) Bob Dylan – Beyond here lies nothin’

James from Appetite For Distraction

(01:04:20) The Decemberists – The waiting comes in waves / repaid

Tart from Love Shack, Baby

(01:12:14) Fever Ray – If I had a heart

Chris from Culture Bully

Thanks to all of you for picking tunes, introducing them with such enthusiasm and knowledge, and listening along. Next time the theme will be a very simple and positive one in the form of Yes. Taking part could be easier but you’ll find all the know how here.

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I would like to clarify that my song was not released until this year as I made quite a meal of the introduction. The full Manifesto and all 36 tracks are available here.

Made quite a meal of that comment too. The track’s release date was not, as perhaps suggested by the first sentence, determined by my inability to form a cohesive introduction for it for the CP. Add a comma and it makes a bit more sense…

Fabulous all around but I especially enjoyed, The Leisure Society, Franz Ferdinand (always awesome and that was an excellent selection from their new album), Bruce Peninsula and Jason Lytle has caught my attention.

Chris, Fever Ray is interesting… I can’t decide… Something to explore indeed.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful selections. Cheers!

Tart – nice pick. I was thinking about Decemerists, & Clem Snide & Andrew Bird & & & &… but decided to go for the cream of the new crop. Smart move, too, as “The Last Of The Melting Snow”/LS songwriter Nicholas Hemming has just been nominated for an Ivor Novello Award.

I agree with Tart’s pick. After Luminescent Orchestrii and maybe Great Northern, I love The Decemberists’ new album most.

I am pretty obsessive about Fever Ray myself. It’s very likely to wind up in my top 10 of the year. I played it for my grandson when he spent a week with me recently, and he loved it too, especially, of course, “When I Grow Up.”
He went around singing, “WennnAi groe wuuuuup…” all the time. My favorite is “Now’s the Only Time I Know.”

I can’t wait to hear the songs here I don’t know. That’s always the fun part of other people’s lists. 🙂

I’m still not sure about The Decemberists’ album. It took me the first eight tracks to get into it the first time, and the same on the second. I like it, sure. I just don’t love it yet.

I listened to the Decemberists album for the first time on the tv’s dvd player in our family room while i did dishes in the adjoining room. I could only really hear the melodies and instrumentation. Then the next day, I got a chance to listen to it in the car and I could hear all the little details and i have to say, it made me like it a lot more than i would have if i’d just popped it into the car or onto my iPod. It’s like seeing someone really really blurry and then the next day seeing them completely clearly.

I haven’t fallen in love with the new Decemberists yet either, but that is typical for me with them.

I heart the new Decemberists…first time I’ve ever hearted them so much.

I’ll listen to this soon…just back home from a week with my mother after she had surgery.

Wow, Ross, that Grizzly Bear is gonna take some getting used to! But I must say, I’ve learned a lesson lately from DC because I’m totally converted to The Leisure Society and that song is seriously on constant rotation at Chez Tart, after declaring it was utter crap at first lesson. So, Ross, I’m not giving up hope.

Adam, I don’t know why your music picks speak so much to me but that one is awesomely awesome, thanks hun! Eiron, I’m loving Alabama 3 too and thanks for introducing me to something else new! And Chris, after hearing so much about Fever Ray and not knowing a thing about it I have to say I was blown away by your pick. That is a downright powerful piece of music, wow. xoxox

linda, i’m actually surprised by your pick. i didn’t think of you as a franz ferdinand fan! it’s nice to be surprised. : )

james, i loved what you said about that dylan song being a party dylan tune. very funny.

ross–i can’t seem to wrap my head around grizzly bear at all. not that i don’t like them, but i can’t seem to pin them down. they’re an intriguing bunch.

diana–i’d not paid any attention to m. ward and i have to say i liked that song a lot.

re: the decemberists, well, i wrote about them a few days ago and while i really like the album and think that musically it’s brilliant, it’s just too repetitive, both lyrically and melodically. like, i could really do without the children’s chorus version of “the hazards of love.” but that’s just me being super picky, i guess.

great episode, everyone. : )

The Decemberists seem to be hot on this thread. I’ll weigh in and say that I love the new stuff (old stuff and all in between). What made the track even better was your intro, Tart. You and Colin Meloy… such great voices you both have.

Linda, I loved your intro, too. I am all about the lyrics to songs and those are just fantastic. Such a good song.

I didn’t realize that Jason Lytle had something new out. Terrific that.

And, James, I really liked the Bob Dylan track. So much better with the background of how it made its way onto your best of 2009, so far, list.

Oh geeze, I’m always nervous in the midst of you seasoned CP’ers and this one was difficult to not get a bit excited over. So i didnt think i stayed “in character” and actually couldn’t bring myself to listen to it, haha. Thanks Tricia, for the encouragement!

I’m commenting way to late again so no one will probably read this, ha ha..but i really enjoyed this weeks cp..some excellent tracks…i love Bruce Peninsula, Maximo park are great…some of there new stuff reminds me of REM and alabama 3..i never knew they were still going, awesome stuff !!!

I was gonna play a different track by Grizzly Bear…but trust me, the album is great, gve it a go..you won’t be disappointed !!!


ross, i always read the comments, so i don’t think it’s ever too late to leave one!

and tart, trust me, you don’t have a single thing to worry about regarding your intros. you were born to record! : )

tee hee, tanks Marcy !!!

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