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162 Songs with sirens in them

Duck and cover.

Do you like a wonderful wooty wooty wailing noise? If you do then this episode of the podcast, whose theme was chosen by Ross from Hummin’ Cummins, will please your ears in the extreme! Oh yes!

You can hear to the podcast here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

You can also download the podcast using this direct link or subscribe to this and future podcasts using our RSS feed:


(00:00) Chemical Brothers – Song to the siren

Ross from Hummin’ Cummins

(05:08) The Sweet – Blockbuster

Chris from Culture Bully

(08:46) Cock Sparrer – Riot squad

FiL from Pogoagogo

(14:01) Manu Chao – Rainin’ in paradise


(18:09) Mos Def – Quiet dog

Greer from A Sweet Unrest

(21:29) Weezer – The greatest man that ever lived

James from Appetite For Distraction

(28:07) J. Tillman – Under the sun

Linda from Speed of Dark

(33:15) The Auteurs – How I learned to love the bootboys

Jim from Quick Before it Melts

(37:15) The Sundays – Can’t be sure

Adam from Pretending life is like a song

(41:06) This Mortal Coil – Song to the siren

John Q.

(44:29) Reiko Ike – Ai no kizuna (love bondage)

Eiron from The S+7 Method

(49:21) Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch & Emmylou Harris – Didn’t leave nobody but the baby

Tart from Love Shack, Baby

(52:03) Asko Ensemble – Ionisation

Chris from

(58:18) Lalo Schifrin – Theme from Medical Center

The In Crowd from I’m learning to share!

(01:00:45) Eminem – Business


(01:05:48) Mantronix – King of the beats

Joe from Hell is for Heroes

(01:10:39) R.E.M. – Leave

Natalie from Mini-Obs

(01:18:22) The King – Blockbuster

Dirk from Sexy Loser

(01:23:24) DJ Marcel Dejeune – Sirens (Dizzee Rascal vs DJ Donna Summer)

Tim from The face of today

Thanks to all of you for wailing along. You might remember that a while ago we had some episodes about different years? Well, next week they return as for episode 163 the theme will be 1963. If you would like to take part there is some very helpful help hiding here.

Please leave a comment about the podcast by clicking here.

Those big blue sirens can be found here.

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My intro, for those in whom it inspired any sort of nostalgia, was a nod to this siren-packed show from the mid-’90s.

Eeek, I totally forgot to say, …. Listen for the only musical accompaniment in my song…it’s a saw (being played with a bow), and it’s very quietly wailing toward the end, xoxo

I have not listened yet, but THEME From MEDICAL CENTER! LOL. Gad, I had such a crush on Chad Everett way back when!

Wow, was this a weird week or what?! I loved your song, Dirk :) The Auteurs are always good, the rest is intriguing and FiL your intro is genius this week, no lie. Eiron, thanks for the great segue ;) BUT, the prize, in my mind, has to go to Tim. That was the most unexpected (remember, I’m new) and absolutely booty-shakin’ good! xoxoxo

Multiple Blockbusters, covers of Edgard Varèse AND Tim Buckley AND everything in between, it seems.
Pleasant contrasts all.

Stunning intro, Ross. Wow.
Oh, FiL, laffin’ @ Blossom Dearie!
And Tarty-tart–ha ha! Sirens! I love that movie.
And Dirk, who could blame you for making a slip under those circumstances. :)

oooohhhh Great podcast…this week has thrown up some strange choices..i was abit worried that cp would be turned into ministry of sound / rave nation for 1 week..but of course everybody picked class tunes !!!

Apologies for my silly intro, it was ment to be a west London accent but then blended into Jamacan i think.

Tim – Your remix is amazing, you should send it to Dizzee himself, i tink he’d like it.

Chris – loved your track..that siren comes in nicely…where do you hear of this kinda stuff?…i like

Linda – Your intro made me laugh about u being in your car etc…great tune

Adam – Love the Sundays..they remind me of being a teenager..when indie was the best, hmmmm hee hee

John Q – This Mortal Coil also reminds me of being a grumpy teenager…I loved It’ll End in Tears

Eiron – Reiko Ike was rather naughty..the growning goes on abit…but loved it

Chris – Your track is the ultimate Siren track !!!

FiL – I’m suprised you didn’t do a filthy intro about Sirens this week, hee hee..but marimba’s are fine by me..also thanks for turning me on to Cock Sparrer, super track..need to track down their album you old punk rocker !!!

I’m learning to share! – Ace theme tune…short and sweet…but great..nice n funky !!!

Rhiannah – Your intro was very sweet….man how did you put up with all those sirens..madness

Tart – That track was divine…my 3 favourite Gillian Welch

Tricia – Manu Chao is another classic Siren song..all the way thru, me liken dem sirens, hee hee

Greer – Mos Def is kickin it, great choice…

James – I am also a big weezer fan, but that track scared me for some reason..its that strange workers sing-along thing they all do together…its so unlike weezer….but I can defo see the queen similarity..its defo their b-raps

Jim – Love the Auteurs….old skool indie…….i was fairly obsessed with that song about a show girl when it came out and Lenny Valentino

Nat – did I hear you say that this is your least favourite REM track? I hope so, because as a massive REM fan, I agree with ya….that siren eh !! I feel your pain with driving and hearing sirens tho, hee hee

Dirk – That gravelands album sounds amazing…..great track !!

And lastly Joe – what can I say matie…tanks for takin part in this weeks ma brudda…blazin it up with Mantronic, blap blap what what !!!! hee heee

Love to all

Ross, it’s not my least favorite track, but the album, New Adventures in Hi Fi, is one of my least favorite R.E.M. releases. If I had to pick a least favorite track, it’d probably be “Airportman” from Up. zzzzz

I really really enjoyed this episode. It seems like whenever I’m nervous about how an episode is going to turn out, it’s a fantastic episode!

Also, I’m glad some people interpreted sirens to mean the alluring singing woman-beasts. Because I so desperately wanted to do that, but couldn’t find any suitable track (even though I do have the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack…) Well done CP Nation.

Oh! Also, I think FiL has coined what should be the CP Nation slogan: “Contrast Podcast give people hope. Put fire in crotch.” Tim, can we make that part of the banner or something? ;-)

Such a great, funny intro Ross and fantastic finale Tim and wonderful contrasty picks all the way through.

Linda, I’d heard a little bit of J. Tillman but not that one, it’s gorgeous. I got it so it will be easy for me to replay it obsessively and I will give his other stuff a second listen too.

I say this every time someone plays the Sundays but I still cannot accept that the lovely Static & Silence is the end. They have to be working on another album, right… right??

The Weezer song was like a mini podcast in itself and I loved the Mantronix too and really liked everything else. Thanks so much everyone.

Bravo DJ Marcel Dejeune! The ‘platlist’ was perfect.

James, I had never heard that song and really liked it. Still trying to get the Andrews Sisters angle, though.

I also laughed at Linda’s intro. I found myself looking in my rear view mirror a number of times as I listened to this episode in my car.

Great topic Ross and cool intro.

Dirk, I must say you have some great views out of that house of yours.

It was fun how some of us had a siren song come immediately to mind when we first learned of the topic.

Yeah, I’m not entirely sure where some of those genres came from…like Slipknot? Or, as you pointed out, Tricia, the Andrews Sisters…but I’m glad that there were some strong reactions to it :)


just got around to listen to your ‘editor’s note’: priceless!!!

btw: good job, everyone: enjoyed it a lot this week!

Why didn’t I submit Erasure – Siren Song, why why?

I don’t know Eleanor … why?


You forgot “Squad Car” recorded by both The Bel-airs and Eddie And The Showman.

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