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It has been a while since we let the music makers have their say about their songs. This episode aims to put that right with fifteen lovely slices of musician introduced loveliness. Pass the biscuits!

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(00:42) The Foster Kids – Before you change my mind

The Foster Kids website
The Foster Kids on myspace

(04:02) Gladshot – Straight from the fridge

Gladshot’s website
Gladshot on myspace

(06:55) ist – Remington Steele

ist’s website
ist on myspace

(11:00) The Active Set – Escape act

The Active Set’s website
The Active Set on myspace

(14:45) Ivy York – The call of spring

Ivy York’s website
Ivy York on myspace

(18:14) Pinstripe 45’s – City of the dead

Pinstripe 45’s on myspace

(22:40) Joe Raciti – Love love

Joe Raciti’s website
Joe Raciti on myspace

(29:35) MJ Hibbett – It only works because you’re here

MJ Hibbett’s website
MJ Hibbett on myspace

(34:42) Alan Wilkis – Dance with you

Alan Wilkis’s website
Alan Wilkis on myspace

(38:58) Looner – I love my tamagotchee

Looner’s website
Looner on myspace

(42:43) Scott Valentine – Cheerleader

Scott Valentine’s website
Scott Valentine on myspace

(47:07) The Good Graces – Disassembled

The Good Graces website
The Good Graces myspace

(51:24) Michael Stollaire – Just like yesterday

Michael Stollaire’s website
Michael Stollaire on myspace

(55:15) Old Fridges Can Kill – To the point (The hard sell mix)

Old Fridges Can Kill’s website

(58:50) Gravy? – Strawberry jam

Gravy? on bebo

Many thanks to all of the musicians for taking part in this episode. If you would like to be on the next musician’s episode (or you know someone who might like to take part) please follow the handy set of instructions that you’ll find hiding over here.

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Piano man makes his stand here

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Nice one Tim. Thanks so much. I was pleasantly surprised to find Alan Wilkis on this list. I work at AmieStreet.com where we recently featured his album. Good stuff. Hope you are well.

Diggin’ the Foster Kids intro with cooler lyrics to “Islands In The Stream.”

Thanks for featuring Joe Raciti. He’s one of my favorite new artists! I love the song you picked too.

Wow. Awesome episode! So diverse and so good!

I always enjoy making and listening to the musicians episodes. We should have more of them! Thanks again to all the participants for their imaginative introductions and lovely tunes.


LOVED The Good Graces. Loved.

My submission is perhaps best enjoyed if you are familiar with the incident.

Yes! Thanks so much for including me, Tim! Joe, your tune sounds awesome.

i enjoyed this one so much. i love hearing the musicians talk about themselves and their music.

An honour to have taken part!


Finally got around to listening – I thought this was a great episode. I enjoyed Pinstripe 45’s especially, suits my current mood perfectly!

I loved these songs. Great intros, too. ist’s was particularly funny. The Foster Kids, Joe Raciti, Gladshot and Michael Stollaire were real stand-outs for me. Great track, too, Eiron. I remember seeing that clip, so I could really enjoy the song.

I’m always amazed at all the talent out there in the world and I feel the same as Marcy, it’s wonderful to hear musicians talk about their work. I liked this episode a lot. And of course it was a nice surprise to hear a familiar voice 55 minutes in 🙂

Thanks everyone!

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