196 Festive Fifty 2009 (part 3)

For our last episode of the decade we have the final part of our countdown of our favourite fifty songs of the year. Thanks to all of you who voted and introduced songs this year. The podcast would be a much sadder place without you all. So let’s see who has won!

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16 The Decemberists – The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid


15 Bon Iver – Blood Bank

Rachel from Untitled Records

14 Mumford & Sons – The Cave

Tim from The Blue Walrus

13 The Low Anthem – Champion Angel

Martin S.

12 Art Brut – DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake

Kathy C.

11 Mumford & Sons – White Blank Page

Tart from Love Shack, Baby

10 Lily Allen – The Fear

Kristen from Appetite For Distraction

9 Phoenix – 1901

Nicole from Sexy Loser

8 Morrissey – Something Is Squeezing My Skull

Matt from Earfarm

7 Fanfarlo – I’m A Pilot

Marcy from Lost in your inbox

6 Meursault – William Henry Miller, Pt. 1

Matthew from Song by Toad

5 Camera Obscura – French Navy

Thomas from Better in the Dark

4 The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song

James from Appetite For Distraction

3 Withered Hand – Religious Song

Agnes from It All Started With Carbon Monoxide

2 Animal Collective – My Girls

Ross from Hummin’ Cummins

1 Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

Jim from Quick Before it Melts

I’d like to thank everyone who took part in or listened to the podcast in 2009. It’s been a very busy year for me and I wouldn’t have been able to keep this little endeavour going without your support. You really are the best imaginary friends imaginable.

Our first episode of the next decade will be a place for us to share our New Year Resolutions and some songs about them. If you would like it take part but don’t know how you’ll find help here.

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What a great Festive Fifty! Thank you Tim for delivering the best of 2009 to the humble masses. I would like to publicly thank Tim for his contribution to Red Red Wine on a Sunday podcast #10 also. Tim suggested that I leave a comment here regarding my little podcast and my search for contributions from you all regarding one of my favorite bands – the Pixies. It could be a favorite song by them or a song from one of the bands that influenced them or have been influenced by them. Heck, even your favorite Pixes cover. If that sounds appealing to you, please check out my blog or listen to my latest podcast for details. On another note, I’m predicting a great year ahead for Tim and the Contrast Podcast. Now – if only I could come up with a novel subject for a future CP…..

I’ll listen in guys…..but I need to say beforehand that The Decemberists and Mumford & Sons LPs were two of the biggest disappointments in 2009. I reckon though that the intros will be far more entertaining than the songs….

Also stunned to see the devil-child that is Lily Allen appear so popular, especially given she wants bloggers who post mp3s to be exterminated out of existence.

Still, the CP nation has spoken. I just feel out of touch.

Well, JC, you said it :o)

Whereas I agree the M&S LP is a bit disappointing, given it’s overuse of (albeit brilliant) previously released material, coupled with below par additional/new tracks, The Decemberists’ LP was/is a fucking beaut.

I’ve been listening to/reading arguments against the album all year & not one has actually given a reasonable/linear explanation as to why it’s allegedly so bad/lazy/unimportant/uninspired/yaddafuckingyadda.

As for Lily Allen I don’t think you can thrust muso-politics into the mix – especially when she’s nowhere near as influential as she is in her head – it’s basically all about a good tune & The Fear is a bloody good tune & the LP wasn’t half bad at all. Far better than the fucking dross that spilled out of La Roux, Marina, Ga Ga, Boots, Goulding, Florence or Emmy & co.

I’ve enjoyed nearly all of this year’s Festive 50 – maybe the top 10 or so didn’t grab me but that’s par for the course: top of the year for me was Future Of The Left. I do object to Lily bloody Allen though. I’d be happy never to hear her auto-tuned mockney mundanities and pretend cardboard cutout music ever again. It’s the musical equivalent of saccharine-coated turkey twizzlers.

Anyhow, my personal mix of the year is here… if you download it you’ll find the tracklist in the lyrics field and artwork. Happy New Year!

Bah. Not sure why that link didn’t work. Here it is again. Hopefully.

Oh for fuck’s sake. This one will definitely work.

Another vote for the Decemberists. I think it’s a really impressive album musically, and it rewards repeated beginning-to-end listening. If anyone does that anymore.

I’m amazed at the variety on this list! And pleased by it too. I always break down and listen to those few artists I’ve been avoiding (due to being “over hyped”) and find that I really like them! Thanks for doing all this, Tim! xo

Deliberately avoided the website until I’d listened to the final part, in order not to spoil the suprise, and a suprise it was too – i’d expected Animal Collective to clear up on this one, but that’s the beauty of the festive 50 – it keeps you guessing right up till the end.

Anyway, Happy New Decade and all that too!

there are several songs on here that i hadn’t heard before and absolutely love–the art brut, morrisey, low anthem and the mumford and sons (#14). but my biggest surprise was that i liked the withered hand! maybe it’s his choice of band name, but i never in a million years thought i’d like it.

a big welcome to “humble listener” kathy c.! i hope you’ll continue to contribute. and i TOTALLT loved nicole’s, aka mrs. loser, intro! sorry dirk, but she got you good! 😉

kristen, i think you and i are among the few who really like the lily allen, so i just wanted to show a little support. i think she inspires the subversive in us. for those of you who dislike her, i would highly suggest the doctor rosen rosen remixes of her album, it’s not me, it’s doctor rosen. he gives her a depth and humanity that sometimes seems lacking in her music. you can download it for free here: http://doctorrosenrosen.com/lily_remixed.html

anyway, thanks to everyone who was in the countdown this year. i really love hearing things that i otherwise would have passed on.

Still The Wanting Comes In Waves….I’m just saying (with adoration).

Fantastic Festive Fifty. Loved Kristen’s intro…made up for the Lily Allen…how did that one beat out my number one??!!

Mrs. Loser, you rock! And it was so cool to have Neil join Matthew on the Meursault intro.

Happy New Year!

What a fantastic last episode!

I was really surprised to discover that I loved your Decemberists pick Tricia – I’ve never really got into them before but loved that track. I’m off to Big Day Out this year and they’re playing so I will be sure to check them out!

I also loved Bon Iver which surprised me because I didn’t really ‘get’ ‘For Emma…’ when it was all the rage.

Really pleased to see Mumford & Sons up there, and loved your intro with Neil Matthew – fantastic stuff! Also enjoyed Mrs Loser – you have your work cut out for you next year Dirk!

Great job everybody – here’s to 2010!

Why isn’t she Lily Fucking Allen at this point? WHY?

I finally listened to the entire countdown and loved MOST of what I heard. Of course, the intros are always the thing, even if I dislike a song. You’re all fabulous music lovers, and I appreciate your enthusiasm for the music you love! It’s great to hear new voices, so stick around and don’t be shy in 2010!

Thanks, everyone, and to Tim for keeping the fire kindled. Happy 2010.

Why isn’t she Lily Fucking Allen at this point? WHY?

It seems kind of redundant when that’s what most of her songs are about. 😉

Good point, Chris. hah!

A really amazing bit of variation going on in the fifty here. A wonderfully unpretentious summing up of the year.

…on the subject of the M&S LP, whilst the new songs aren’t as good as the previously released stuff, there were certainly enough genuinely good tunes to put it in my top 10 for the year (although I still prefer the EPs to be honest).

I don’t listen to a lot of new music, so the Festive Fifty is entirely new to me, and I tend to become obsessed with one song per Fifty. Last year I fell madly in love with “Frankie’s Gun” by The Felice Brothers, which I still listen to constantly, and this year it’s “The Rake’s Song” by The Decemberists. Hmm, apparently if someone gets murdered in a song, I’m all over it! It reminded me of one of my favourite songs of all time, Violent Femmes’ “Country Death Song”.

I accept that there is something wrong with me. I’m be over here listening to some murder ballads, don’t mind me…

I just finished listening to the three parts this very morning: a good variety it was indeed and I liked most of the songs a lot. Strange, but I liked the ones best that didn’t chart that high.

btw: please stop commenting in favour of Mrs Loser and her bloody intro: my life is hard enough, folks … don’t make it worse, will you?!!

As I often do these days, I waited for the Mumford & Sons album to come out before buying any of their output. From that perspective it’s terrific.
And only one Leisure Society track in the top 50?? Have you ALL got cloth ears or something? 😉
‘Last Of The Melting Snow’ was up for an Ivor Novelo award (although it did put me off a bit when I heard that)!
Top work Tim.
Lang may yer lum reek.

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