217 Festive Fifty 2010 (part 3)

At long last here is the final part of the festive 50 2010. We highly recommend enjoying part one and part two before indulging in the joy that is songs seventeen to one. Now where did I put that snow?

Hear here:

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17 The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

Pieter from Two Tramps in Mud Time

16 Arcade Fire – The Suburbs


15 Land of Talk – Quarry Hymns

Linda from Speed of Dark

14 Edwyn Collins – What is My Role

JC aka The Vinyl Villain

13 The Decemberists – Down By the Water

Eiron from Old Fridges Can Kill

12 Neon Trees – Animal

James from Appetite fro Distraction

11 Stornoway – I Saw You Blink

John from The Mad Mackerel

10 Caribou – Odessa

Jim from Quick Before it Melts

9 Broken Bells – The High Road


8 LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean

Rick from Are you Embarrassed Easily?

7 Kings of Leon – Radioactive

Thomas from Better in the Dark

6 Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home

Travis and Trish

5 Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man

Rachel from Untitled Records

4 Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See Land

Natalie from Another Aging Hipster

3 Arcade Fire – Ready To Start


2 The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

Shaun from Cold Citrus

1 Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You

Kev and Bella from Let Me Educate You

A huge box of thanks (tied with a bow) to all of you who voted for and took part in the festive 50. Special props to James for his statistical work and to Trisha for getting her family so involved!

For the first time in a while we have a new theme on the next episode chosen by new contributor HB who would like to hear the songs that make us think about Flying. Instructions for those of you who have never taken part can be found hiding over here.

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I’m afraid the “direct download link” above doesn’t work, Tim … any chance for you to get it going, please?

Thanks ever so much,


Sigh .. this happened last week too. I’ve got onto the new host to find out what’s happening.

OK .. it’s working again now. Let’s hope it’s juat a blip.

@shaun: I think you have played snippets of the “Stairway to Heaven”, “Legend” from the soundtrack to Smokey and the Bandit, and a recording of my parents whispering post-coital cartographical pillow talk.

I believe you owe me a mint pie.

You had up up until it blew up at number one. Cee Lo? I just don’t get the appeal, and it’s not cuz I’m a prude because…

I loved David’s intro to Ready To Start, though. IT ROCKED! Tricia, did you wash his mouth out with soap after? 😉

“You had me”

Nat – When you added that thing at the end of your intro, i thought “Uh oh. She’s not going to be pleased with how this all turns out”

James, I KNEW it when I saw that it made #1. You and Tim must have had a laugh.

I just don’t think it’s that great. I heard him do it on SNL, and, of course it was censored. It was just so-so without the punch of the “FUCK you,” so I believe its popularity was partially in the shock factor. It’s not a bad song at all, and any one of the rest of the top 10 could have taken its place at #1. It’s not MY countdown, though, so that’s the way it goes!

I do love Kev and Bella’s intro, though. I was wondering how the young one would speak the word!! Very good, Kev!

Travis and Trish, that was the best intro! So romantic!

Thanks, Nat! David really did want to do the Fuck You intro. That was his favorite song of the year (in the Forget You version!!) The intro was the only time he had mother condoned cussing. He was so red while he did it. We needed about 5 takes…it was so funny.

Tim, thank you so much for letting me hold my entire family hostage in The Suburbs. We had a blast.

Hi Pieter, I’d say you got one of the three right but I’d have to give that tape back.

The mince pies are safe… for now

Funny thing, Nat– you’re right that the Cee Lo song is not nearly as good in the “Forget You” version. And yet I don’t think this proves its value is merely the shock factor. Though in terms of its popularity, yeah, that could well be. But how he wraps his voice and energy around ‘the word’ is really something to behold. I dunno. I kinda like it.

And note to all: the Stornoway track on display here is “Zorbing,” not “I Saw You Blink.”

How did I manage to do that … I’ve remixed the episode and updated it, so if anyone wants a ‘correct’ version of the rundown it’s there now to download!

Been trying to download for couple days, but seems some problem with your server once again…

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