006 2006 So Far (part 1)

I’m imagining that you are quite interested in new music?

If that is the case then this, and the next, contrast podcast will be right up your street. They combine tracks chosen by a variety of bloggers and podcasters from around the world on the theme of ‘the best of 2006 so far’. Lots and lots of new music with the voices of lots of knowledgeable people enthusing about it.

Top Notch!

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(00:00) Howe Gelb – Paradise here abouts

Tim from the face of today

(03:13) Jody Wildgoose – Stereo

Colin from Let’s Kiss and Make Up

(08:14) Amen Orchestra – Temp6 H W L69O

Eugene from Big Static

(10:21) Darren Hayman – Rain all summertime

Mike from Take Your Medicine

(14:48) The Guillemots – Trains to Brazil

The Duke of Straw from The Late Greats

(19:22) Nearly – Straight to Nowhere

Cindy from Adzuki Bean Stash

(23:57) Jon Garcia – Life’s a Wave

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(28:39) Jens Lekman – Rocky Dennis Farewell Song

Jamie from Jamie’s Run Out Groove

(34:27) I Love You But Iร‚ยดve Chosen The Darkness – According to Plan

Sabas from sabas judas

(39:06) The M’s – Plan of the Man

Heather from I am Fuel, You are Friends

(43:02) Asobi Seksu – New Years

Bob from Extrawack

(46:30) Big Buildings – Other Days

Amy from Shake Your Fist

(50:14) Kid Congo & The Pink Monkeys – The History of French Cuisine

Chris from Culture Bully

(55:09) Rose Melberg – Take Some Time

Dave from The Rawking Refuses TO STOP

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this podcast.

Don’t worry if you have submitted something for this theme and it isn’t here. It will be in the podcast which continues the theme of ‘the best of 2006 so far’. At the time of publishing there is still a bit of space available for CP#7 so if you’d like to submit something just contact me at tim.young@rhul.ac.uk.

As always, as soon as we have an hour of material the podcast will be made and published.

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oh yay. good music.

now i can’t wait for #7. at least i’ll be in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m saving your choice for the next one bethanne! ๐Ÿ™‚

Asobi Seksu has a new album? Well, thanks to “Contrast Podcast” I now know that!

This is so awesome, Tim. I’m learning about a lot of great music through this. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Acually, that Asobi Seksu album is not released for a few more weeks. But it’s still one of the best of the year!

Nice job again, Tim. I’m now looking forward to new episodes of Contrast Podcast like I wait for new eps of 24 and The Sopranos!

Thanks for the nice comments guys…

… why hasn’t anyone taken the piss out of my singing yet??

no one has taken the piss because we all thought you’d hired vic ‘club-singer’ reeves in to do the intro… was that really you then??? ๐Ÿ˜‰ stunning effort!

another excellent CP. some great new stuff.

i’m surprised that some of these choices were really peoples BEST of 2006… that said, i loved howe gelb, guillemots, and jens.

glad you like the jens. good thing about contrast is that you will get such a wide range of stuff, and i guess if it’s working properly there really should be some stuff you don’t like, cos otherwise the stuff you love wouldn’t be as exciting.

tim the singing was so deep that I feared you were going to somehow make ‘the brown sound’ through sheer throat power alone. impressive.

Oh you great showmanTim! As if you really thought no one would like the intro. Bravo!

Some terrific stuff here too – a podcast to listen to more than once. Or twice. Thanks for the tips everyone.

Anonymous – I’d have thought that loving 3/14 was a pretty good hit rate. You could always offer your own contribution for #7…

Top quality music. Made my bus journey much more interesting. I worked out today that sitting on the top deck, on the front seats, furthest away from the noisy bus engine, is the quietest place on the bus for you to enjoy music. That is unless you have large canned headphones. Oh how I envy people who have the balls to wear large headphones without feeling a smither of embarrasment.

I particulary enjoyed The Guillemots and will check them out further. Cheers!

Nick – ear canal headphones. A little pricier than normal headphones, but just the ticket for listening to Contrast Podcast on a noisy bus. And you won’t look like a fighter pilot either.

Surprisingly few obvious choices here. Nice, one everybody, a lot of interesting stuff made it on here.

Headphones .. the bigger the better as far as I’m concerned. If I could strap a pair of shahian obelisks to the sides of my head I would … just for fun. Don’t be afraid of the popular boys! ๐Ÿ˜‰

You won’t believe how worried I was about publishing that intro. Now I’m just hoping that chromewaves samples it for a remix!

Just to keep you all up to date we only have five submissions so far for CP#7 which means that unless something happens quickly CP#7 will be out later than expected ;(

Nick .. perhaps you’d like to submit something?

i’ll submit something else if you like tim, just got the new matmos and scott walker records, both are fantastic.

you have an assload of contributors

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