007 2006 So Far (part 2)

I’m only going to warn you once. Some of this podcast you are going to love. When you hear the bits you love make sure that you send some of that love onto the bands that have made it … and remember it’s the bits that you don’t love quite so much that add that special ‘contrast’ flavour and we’d be nothing without them.

As you may or may not be aware this podcast continues last week’s theme ‘the best of 2006 so far’ and contains lots of new treats for your ears to nibble on. To download the entire podcast click on this direct link or why not subscribe using the RSS feed:



(00:00) Intro with Apologies to The Bonzos

(01:30) Beruit – Postcards from Italy

Dan from Underqualified

(06:06) Victor Scott – Gotta Go

SAS Radio

(10:29) Destroyer – 3000 Flowers

Jeff from DIY Rockstar

(14:38) Parts and Labor – New Buildings

Eric from CYSTSFTS

(18:02) Jewel – Long Slow Slide

Hannah from Hannah’s Acoustic Breakdown

(21:48) Merankorii – Straight to Art

Marcos from Mindboosternoori

(24:53) Blondie – Picture This

Tom from Other People’s Toys

(28:30) Those Transatlantics – Wendy

Bethanne from CTASLS

(32:23) The Jazz Guys – The Best 5 Minutes of Your Life

Murf from false45th

(35:30) Snowden – Anti-Anti

Taylor from MFKWCRG

(40:02) Pablo Dacal – Todo o Nada

Fernando from Zonaindie

(45:00) Band of Horses – The Funeral

Chad from ECEU

(51:20) Slowlands – One More Fire

Matt from Earfarm

(56:05) The Shys – Having it Large

Chip Midnight from Swizzle-stick

(59:35) Centro-matic – Calling Thermatico

Greg from Captain’s Dead

(01:03:55) Stars of Aviation – Marie et L’Accordeon

Jim from Sessions of Breakfast

The next podcast is going to be a special edition based on the ‘8+‘ feature from the Earfarm blog. Due to the length of the tracks involved this one will be invitation only.

To keep you busy the submission gates are now open for CP#9 which will be the ‘Local Blog’. That means that if you would like to take part you will need to choose a track by a band that is local to you and then send it with your 30 second to one minute spoken intro to tim.young@rhul.ac.uk.

I’m already looking forward to the debate over what ‘local’ means!

Thanks again to everyone who has made ‘contrast’ so much fun so far. Keep coming back. We like it when you come back.

(EDIT: In my haste I forgot to mention that the ‘Local’ theme was suggested by Bethanne from CTASLS. Sorry and thanks Bethanne! Anyone else who has an idea for a podcast theme do feel free to suggest it to either by email or in the comments section.)

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this is good stuff!

another great number…
Miss cat is taking notes for our next shopping razzia…

meows to everyone involved she says…

I especially dig this Victor Scott track and the Jazz Guys.

Great great stuff! I’m wondering if that “bits that you don’t love quite so much” line was directed at me? I could have easily given something so much better (worse).

No Eric. It wasn’t a sly swipe at anyone. I’ve just had lots of people saying to me that ‘they don’t like everything’ … but that’s the point!!!!!!

Tim, I absolutely love your intros. They’re so unique and interesting each time. Great stuff. I’m listening to the Blondie track right now. I really loved the Beruit track (thanks Dan) and definitely will invest some CDs of his.

I’m not sure why people bother saying that they don’t like everything. It sure would be a boring world if we all liked the same music. Frankly, a lot of stuff I don’t particularly like at first grows on me.

Anyhow, excellent podcast! Always looking forward the next one.

Excellent choices everyone. I was worried at one point that I wouldn’t find something I didn’t love, but fortunately one or two only relatively less wowsome (to me) found their way in. Two hours+ of superb music.

What of these rumours that there is someone out there putting together the “Homogenous Podcast”, which guarantees that everyone listening will love everything equally? I can’t believe it myself, but if it’s true, I suspect it will be a long time coming…

I’m digging the Snowden track.

Love the Slowlands track.

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