019 War & Peace

Take cover at once.

Send your young children to the fallout room, then go quickly and turn off the gas, and the electricity at the mains. Close down stoves, damp down fires, shut windows, and draw curtains.

Then go to your fallout room and stay there … with your stereo on really loud. When FiL from Pogoagogo suggested this week’s theme it was invevitable that we would all be stuck in the fallout room together, so get settled in while the radiation dies down!

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(00:32) Time Zone – World Destruction

FiL from Pogoagogo

(07:18) P J Harvey – Bows and Arrows

Joe from Stage Hymns

(11:15) Motiv̩s РBella Ciao

SAS Radio

(14:00) The Faint – Paranoiattack

Bethanne from CTASLS

(18:50) Serge Reggiani – le dormeur du val (translation)

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(20:22) Manfred Mann – With god on our side

Dan from Burning Down the House

(25:44) Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding

Jamie from The Run Out Groove

(29:33) Skeleton Key – Roost in Peace

Bob from Gimme Tinnitus

(32:46) John Vanderslice – Trance Manual

Richard from Invisible Limb

(37:36) Blue Öyster Cult – Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Rob from The Great Leap Forward

(42:41) Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Our Only Weapon

Charles from Heartache with hard work

(45:46) Live – 10,000 Years

Jamie from squirrelfood.net

(51:07) Orangutang – Leo Tolstoy

Tom from Other People’s Toys

(55:52) Michael McDermott – Hellfire in the Holyland

Natalie from Mini-Obs

(59:55) The Clash – Tommy Gun

Merz from Mars needs guitars

(01:03:48) James McMurtry – We can’t make it here anymore

Chris from Culturebully

Thanks to everyone who has taken part and listened this week. If you like something in particular make sure you click on the artist’s or contributor’s name to find out more about them.

You can also leave a comment about the podcast by clicking here.

To keep the podcast going while I take a little break we are going to set up a few podcasts in advance:

CP#20 – This next one goes out to

Choose a song and dedicate it to someone .. suggested by listener Pieter Spealman … thanks Pieter!

CP#21 – There’s more to life than books

Choose your favourite book and then choose a song to be it’s soundtrack … sugessted by Mike from NBGL .. thanks Mike!

CP#22 – Poolside

I’m going to be relaxing by the pool and clearly I’ll need a soundtrack for that!!

To take part in any of these podcasts just send your short spoken intro (less than a minute) and track to tim.young@rhul.ac.uk, making sure you state clearly which podcast it is for!

Keep an eye on the counters at the top right of the page to see if there is still space .. and have a jolly week!

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Great theme!
Regarding to Tim’s comments on results on google, you might want to take a look at this graphs

War sucks. But this podcast does not.

That graph says it all Marcos.

Ace ace ace. World Destruction is one of my all time favourite mixtape songs! Probably the first ever rock/rap crossover? 2 years before walk this way!

Definitely gonna take part. So basically we just introduce the song and then send a copy of the song correct?

That’s right. An mp3 of the track plus an mp3 or wav or whatever of your spoken introduction .. but you’ll need to be quick as all the current themes are bound to be full in the next couple of days!

[…] I took the advice of a friend, and despite being hesitant towards modern country music, I found James McMurtry’s album to follow a different pattern.  It was Steve Earle without the drug addiction, and that my friends, is good enough for me.  This week’s theme for the Contrast Podcast is “War and Peace,” and as I saw it fitting, I believed it appropriate to include the track “We Can’t Make It Here” in light of a different take on things, as far as war goes.  (link) (feed) […]

I would have posted DONT TREAD ON ME by Metallica.

Peace through superior firepower.

all very quiet this week aren’t we? come on people, comments please. i like the pj harvey, but then i always do. and the Live song was surprisingly not as bad as people had led me to believe they were. reminds me of listening to too much pearl jam when i was younger…

Erm, summer doldrums, perhaps…? Truth be told I only just downloaded the cast last night and have yet to listen to it. I’ve been busybusybusy…

Or maybe everyone just got too depressed by all this theme.

“War, war is stupid, and people are stupid, and love means nothing, in some strange quarters…”

Sorry. Was just channeling Boy George for a moment there. He’s gone now. I’m feeling better.

Yes. I think there are quite a few people on holiday. I’ve been busy putting the next few casts together in preparation for mine!

FiL .. you should see a doctor for that 80’s singer channeling thing you’ve got going there .. I mean, what would you do if say .. Howard Jones, Paul Young or (god forbid) Holly Johnson were to come through?? The thought isn’t worth thinking about is it?

Fil, could ya channel someone, well, someone else? 😉

I dunno, Nat, they choose me, I don’t choose them…


So, FINALLY got around to listening – a large, peaceful thanks to all who contributed! I enjoyed it all tremendously.

Merz, you get my “Fist Pumpin’ In Air” award – Tommy Gun gets me all righteous and rocking every time. ZB, Reggiani et Rimbaud – magnifique! Nats, you get the “Topicality” award (unfortunately to be presented by Boy George), but Richard, you were a close runner up.

Must say, I was surprised not to see any Billy Bragg on the playlist. But maybe that’ve been too obvious for such an esoteric bunch as ourselves!

Thanks again.


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