025 Handclapping

Hands apart. Hands together.

This week, at the request of Murf from False45th, we have gathered a selection of the world’s best handclap tunes in one place for your podcast consumption and enjoyment.

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(00:00) The Ventures – Let’s Go

Tim from the face of today

(02:55) They Might Be Giants – Clap your hands

Clea and Tuesday from (sm)all ages

(04:35) Imperial Teen – Baby

Matt from Earfarm

(08:15) The Residents – Smack your lips (clap your teeth)

ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(12:33) The Meters – The handclapping song

Andy from Circles of Concrete

(15:48) Super XX Man – Coulee city

Murf from False45th

(20:45) Tilly and the Wall – Fell down the stairs

SAS Radio

(23:34) Mary Timony – I fire myself

Victoria from Muruch

(26:45) The Afghan Whigs – Debonair

Bethanne from CTASLS

(31:28) Hood – The negatives

Chip from Donewaiting.com

(35:20) The Replacements – Alex Chilton

Natalie from Mini-Obs

(38:54) OK Go – You’re so damn hot

Heather from I am fuel, you are friends

(42:03) The Auteurs – Bailed Out

Jamie from The Run Out Groove

(46:20) Eskiimo – Patience

Jamie from Squirrelfood.net

(50:20) Boat – Holding all the globes

Rachel from Untitled

(52:17) Ndidi Onukwulu – May be the last time, I don’t know

FiL from Pogoagogo

Many thanks to all the contributors. You can find out more about the artists featured in this podcast by clicking on their names.

Next week is the Contrast Podcast’s official half year birthday and we are celebrating with a really nice surprise, so see you then.

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Clapping photo from here.

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[…] New Contrast Podcast, with much handclapping. My contribution to that would have been much too pedestrian — “The First Single,” by the Format. Because clapping always makes me happy. Go listen! […]

Surrounded by the Afghan Whigs and The Replacements. AWESOME. Friends of mine HATE Tilly and the Wall. I’ve never heard them before today but I dug this song and will do some further investigation.

Definitely a handful of musicians I haven’t heard of until now. Cool podcast and unique theme, Murf.
Yay! Clea and Tuesday, Matt, Mr. SAS and a few others–haven’t heard your voices in a little while. πŸ™‚

Tim, those are some major tongue rolls in the intro by the way. πŸ˜›

Why thank you Cindy … my tongue is flattered πŸ™‚

Tim! I FINALLLy hear the original version of that handclap I used in my intro…that I used to use when I was a cheerleader! I had no idea The Ventures did that!

This is looking good – a real variety! I half expected to see The Cure’s “Close to Me,” Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon,” &/or maybe even Sham 69’s “If The Kids Are United.” But it seems that would have been waaay to obvious for such an eclectic, well-schooled bunch!


I look forward to downloading tonight!!

Excellent podcast, as usual. Hey Jamie, from The Run Out Groove, you totally brought me RIGHT back to high school with “Bailed Out”. I love The Auteurs very much. Clap clap clap.

Wonderful job everyone…

I have to say that the stand out tracks for me were The Auteurs, Bailed Out submitted by Jamie and FiL’s selection Ndidi Onukwulu, May be the last time, I donÒ€ℒt know.

This Contrast Podcast certainly ranks high up on my list of favorite CP’s.

glad you liked my pick. i luuuuurve luke haines so much. i often describe him to foreign types as a more pissed off and sarcastic Destroyer. good work everyone else too, residents, whigs and mats in one blogcast = aceness.

Been without computer at home for some time (hard drive madness) but I hope to get back on contributing!

I wonder what’s going to be the week’s surprise…

[…] Also, this weeks Contrast Podcast is up! I am proud to be a part of this unpredictable bunch. I guarantee you will be introduced to new music with this fantastic selection of tracks. […]

I loved it. Hooray for the Replacements, Auteurs, Mary Timony and some traditional OK Go!

Hand clapperific.

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