026 Musicians introduce their own songs

Happy half birthday to us.

The Contrast Podcast has a present for you in the form of fourteen bands and musicians each introducing something they made themselves. Some of the tracks are new and some of the tracks are exclusive to this podcast. Can you think of a better present?

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(00:50) Mancino – Hetchie Hutchie Foochie

Mancino on myspace

(04:44) Earwig – Used Kids

Earwig on myspace

(08:59) Hong Kong Cinema – Good Thing

Hong Kong Cinema on myspace

(12:34) Das Mobius – Ligeia (CP Edit)

Das Mobius website

(17:00) Marianne Dissard – L’Embellie

Marianne Dissard on myspace

(20:39) The Harvey Girls – Screech Beatle

The Harvey Girls on myspace

(25:17) Gabriela Kulka – An Orange

Gabriela Kulka on myspace

(28:24) Country Cliff – Chimbley Wind

Country Cliff on myspace

(34:50) Gypsophile – Marthe

Gypsophile on myspace

(38:42) Desert Waltz – You My Sister

Desert Waltz website

(43:19) Goes Cube – Goes Cube Song 34

Goes Cube on myspace

(48:36) Saturna – Pop Rocks

Saturna on myspace

(53:20) Naïm Amor – Son Grand Sourire

Naïm Amor on myspace

(58:07) Victor Scott – Mareel (exclusive recording)

Victor Scott on myspace

Many thanks to all the musicians who contributed their songs and the bloggers who helped me to find them. If you know a musician that you would like to take part in a future edition of this theme get them to send an email to me at tim.young@rhul.ac.uk with ‘Musicians introduce their own songs’ as the message title.

Next week’s theme is ‘Songs with a political message’ and was suggested by Deek Deekster from Pod of Funk. To take part just send your short spoken introduction (no longer than 1 minute) and track to tim.young@rhul.ac.uk.

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Musician photo from the eye of this guy.

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Happy half birthday, and this was a great idea!

WOW! How thoughtful of Contrast Podcast to give us prezzies on its birthday. Better than jelly & ice cream any day! Can’t wait to download and listen…

Loving the Hong Kong Cinema song! More by them please!

This is so awesome and a great idea Tim. I’m really enjoying this (and cool…sounds like a different version of “Ligea” on here)

this was a really great podcast. i enjoyed all of the bands and their intros…glad i pick French as my foreign language to study.

[…] Check out Contrast Podcast #26: http://www.timyoung.net/contrast/?p=86 […]

Happy half birthday contrast !
(is that meaning season 2 is beginning next week ? don’t make me die in season 3 *please*)

What a lovely gift to us!! Thanks, Tim and all of the talented artists we had the privelege to hear today!

Superb concept, superb podcast. Happy, happy half birthday to CP.

“glad i pick French as my foreign language to study”

uh, maybe i should forget French and study English a bit more

Joyeux Anniversaire. Félicitations !

Great CP!!! Thank you to all who participated this is quite a treat.

Special thanks to Tim for the best Podcast site.

Cheers, to CP!

The Podcast is everso glad that you like your pressie!

OMG, i just stumbled across yr blog today and i’m feckin blown away !!
Great stuff !!

Love it

I love that the above comment uses the word “feckin.”

Indeed, “feck” brings to my mind fondest memories of Father Jack…

That would be an ecumenical matter…

The artists were very creative in their introductions. It made for an interesting listen. I especially liked Mancino, Hong Kong Cinema, and Gabriela Kulka (no surprise there).

[…] Fil, from Vancouver BC on Pogo A Go-Go, wrote a great post today recommending the most recent Contrast Podcast featuring Saturna’s  Pop Rocks.   He describes the podcast saying, “How wonderful! Much more delish than jelly, ice cream, and cake, and waay more fun than pin-the-tail or pass-the-parcel. This is definitely a fantastic carnival of sound that you must must must visit!”  He also links to mp3s of some great 80’s synthpop songs from Depeche Mode, Siouxsie & The Banshees, and Berlin. […]

I had to listen to this one several times ’cause it was aaall sooo goood… But if forced to pick the top five (in no particular order), it’d have to be Das Mobius, Naim Amor, Gabrielle Kulka, Goes Cube (you RAWK!!), and Saturna. But I really did love each & every one of you…

And of course I melted like tarmac in the Arizona sun upon hearing Marianne’s voice. I always do. Gros soupir…

Spectacular!!! What a great bunch of musicians you’ve introduced us to here! More, more, MORE!

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