230 High

I know it’s been a while but, as we’re sure you know, good things come to those who don’t go. This particular thing will help you to find out all the best things about the word ‘high’. What more could you want?

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(00:00) Wings – Hi, Hi, Hi

Tim from The Contrast Podcast

(03:11) Metal Mike – High On Drugs

Dirk from Sexyloser

(07:12) High Highs – Open Season

John Q.

(11:20) Leonard Nimoy – Highly illogical

Mike from wearedust

(14:58) Stevie Wonder – Too High

Chris from Dead Sea Apes

(20:28) De La Soul – Me, Myself & I

Greer from A Sweet Unrest

(24:21) The Decemberists – We Both Go Down Together

Tricia from I Sing in the Kitchen

(27:42) Chick Webb Orchestra with Ella Fitzgerald – When I Get Low I Get High

The In Crowd from I’m learning to share!

(31:00) R.E.M. – I’ve Been High

Jeremy from Fingertips

(36:04) The Cure – High

Eleanor from Cassettes & Chocolate Milk

(39:53) Cab Calloway – Minnie the Moocher

Niels from Sun In Late December

(44:53) Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life

Kymm from The Thirteenth Baby Opossum

(51:28) Microdisney – High & Dry

Robert T.

(56:18) Active Child – High Priestess

Linda from Speed of Dark

(01:00:41) Blue Nile – Tuledo

Kev from Let Me Educate You

(01:05:57) Feeder – High

Charles from Heartache With Hard Work

(01:10:49) Adam’s friend Nic – Flying High

Adam from Pretending life is like a song

(01:15:55) Jimmie’s Chicken Shack – High

James from Appetite For Distraction

(01:21:33) American Hi-Fi – Highs and Lows

Andrew from Richmond Playlist

(01:25:04) Manorlady – Vacation Plans High Desert

Eiron from Old fridges can kill

(01:31:27) Jamie Cullum – High And Dry

Nat from Another Aging Hipster

Thanks to all of you who participated in this episode and hung on so long to listen. Hopefully it’s partner. the ‘low’ episode, will arrive much faster than this one, and will be just as much fun! High five!

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Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, but I have to say a special thanks to Charles from Heartache with Hard Work for playing that Feeder song, which I thought of immediately after sending the Jimmie’s Chicken Shack song and it would have been just as perfect! So I was happy to hear both!

Same here: still high in a friendly sky. Thanks, especially to Kev for bringing back The Blue Nile on my radar, Mike for introducing me to Leonard Nimoy and The In Crowd for picking the Ella Fitzgerald track I didn’t. I fear the next episode: how low can we go?

Niels, you’ve just kindled in me a desperate hope that there’s a bunch of limbo music on the low episode.

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