What is the Contrast Podcast?

Has someone told you about the Contrast Podcast but you have no idea what podcasting is and how it works?

Well, a podcast is an internet based radio show. You can listen to it on your computer or download it to a nifty portable device like one of those iPod thingies that everyone seems to love these days. One of the good things about a podcast is that you can ask your computer to check when a new episode is published by subscribing with popular free software like iTunes or Juice.

If you already have iTunes installed you can just click on this link and subscribe. Otherwise you can get iTunes here or Juice here. Once you have subscribed your software should check for new episodes each time you open it. Just in case you would like to use a different feed reader here is our feed lives here:


The Contrast Podcast started in March 2006 and we have produced an episode each week since then, usually published each Tuesday. The podcast works like this …

1. A theme is chosen.

2. The contributors choose songs based on that theme and record witty and interesting spoken introductions which they send to Tim Young who compiles them into a lovely podcast. You can be a contributor.

3. You download, listen and comment.

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