Will you play my music on the Contrast Podcast?

Yes. We have special episodes where musicians introduce their own songs and we are always looking out for new bands and artists to take part. If you are interested in being on the next one all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

1. Listen to one of the previous episodes to get an idea how it works. (You can listen to the most recent episode here.)

Choose which of your songs you would like everyone to hear.

3. Record an introduction for the song .. hopefully with some insightful information for the podcast listeners to enjoy.

4. Send the introduction and song to contrast.podcast@gmail.com in a message with the title ‘Musicians introduce their own songs’.

5. Hear yourself and your song on the podcast!

If you take a quick look at our contributor list in the sidebar you will see lots of great musicians who have introduced their own songs … hopefully you’ll be next! Hope to hear you soon.